Helen Powers on Mother's Day 2021

Helen Powers (78) shares part of her life story with her 5 children and husband, Edward Powers, Sr. (78). Children are Thomas Powers (53), Theresa Powers (52), Edward Powers, Jr. (50), Anne Kinsey (49) and Patricia Powers (45). Grandchildren Henry...

My Mamaw <3

My mamaw has taken time out of her day to spend with y’all and to share some about her life.

From Tragedy to Triumph Joshua B Scott

I interviewed my husband. Touching subjects of love life and his memories as a child

Life since COVID hit the world

How life with Covid has been affecting her and her family. And what are the good and bad parts about Covid happening.

Liane Barrett

This interview is with my mom, Liane Barrett, and this portion of the interview covers more about the importance of building relationships with your partner and family.

Grandma’s Life

Asked some questions about my dad and my grandparents love life!

A mother sharing life stories

A conversation between a son and mother about experiences throughout her years

A walk through the memory lane

In this interview which was conducted on April 29th in Yorba Linda, California Bonnie (82) shared with me (19) about her religious background and how important her beliefs are to her now and when she was a child. About the...

Beth Klaushie-Perez and Kayla Perez on Love and Relationships

Kayla Perez interviews Beth Klaushie-Perez over her experiences in relationships, her outlook on love and what could be the key ingredients in a good and wholesome relationship.

love interview with dior

Talking about relationships, lessons, and love at first sight

Interview with Jack Huang

Jin Huang (21) talks with his father, Jack Huang (43) about dating, love, and parenting.

SOC 110 Interview w/ Michelle Chuang

SOC 110 StoryCorps interview with where Kyle Chuang interviews his mother, Michelle Chuang, about her experience with love, relationships, and marriage. We also touch on her experience being in an interracial marriage for 23 years.

Finding love at 31.

I interview my mom about what it was like dating as someone older. She gives me insight on how she has had success in her relationship.

Soc 110

Interview about how my mother met my dad.

SOC110 Interview on Love

I interviewed my mom about her relationship with my dad. I learned some new things about their relationship before I was born and since I’ve moved out.

Interview with Abernathy

We talked about her experiences in life, and what she is most proud of.

Love and Relationships

Interview with Jodi Patton on her experience with love and relationships as a divorced mother of 4 daughters

Interview with Liz Pledger

This interview was conducted by Lane Pledger who interviewed Liz Pledger. Liz is his mother, she is 55 and has 3 kids. We talked about how she met her husband and other questions about love.

Susan Friedman and her granddaughter Lauren

This interview is asking about my Nana, Sue, and her love and dating life in the 50s and 60s. She talks lovingly about her late husband, Jed, who I also refer to as Poppop. Enjoy her inappropriate commentary, she loves...

StoryCorps Interview

Hello, my name is Veronica Towle. I am 19 years old. Today is April 26, and I am interviewing Tiziana Towle from Walnut Creek, Ca. In this interview about dating and marriage, Tiziana Towle tells her love story.

Finding Love

I met Barry around two years ago, but I was lucky to spend a lot of time playing corn hole with him over quarantine. Over that time I've gotten to know Barry a bit. He lives in the Bay Area...