Felicia’s Car Wreck

Today Felicia is telling us about her car wreck experience and what it did to her. She shares how it effected her life and her anxieties in a car now.

Vivian Carol Johnston 3

Continuation of previous. (Microphone sucks)

Thanksgiving interview

Most of these questions were just about life and how she feels

Persia Gratitude DeAngelo S

In this interview, my dad answers the question reguarding his gratitude and his life experiences.

Jasmine Cutright and her mother, Remedios, talk about her life in the Philippines.

This interview took place in the dining room with Jasmine Cutright and Remedios Flores on Novermber 29 in Wylie, Texas. Jasmine interviews Remedios, her mother, about her life, the regrets she has, and the things she is grateful for as...

APUSH StoryCorps Interview Kaitlin Saal

In the conducted interview, we discussed my grandmother’s childhood, relationships, opportunities, and valuable lessons learned in her life.

My Grandmother’s Story

Everybody has their own story. For this project I decided to interview my grandmother. This storycorps project has benefited me because now I understand the challenges and all the hardships that my grandmother has gone through. My grandmother’s responses to...

The Great Thanksgiving listen

This interview was mostly me just asking Ms. Jackson some random question. About her life, growing up, Job, and etc.

Persia Gratitude

I asked my dad some questions about his favorite activities and things he is thanlful for.

Attitude of Gratitude Schuemann

I interviewed my mom about her life and what she was thankful for.

Thanksgiving Interview Adam 2

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2018 in Cozad, NE, Katelyn Calhoun (17) interviews Adam Millermon in attempt to get to know him. She asks him questions about himself and what he is thankful for.

My Mother and I

I have always wanted to know more about my mother about her fears, the people she looked to seem the most important and what careers she was always interested in. My mother is my role model and I guess it’s...

Attitude Of Gratitude Sayyed

Overall I asked four questions to the participant, my mom, Judith. She replied to the questions and I recorded it. The first question I asked was what are you thankful for? Next I asked her to tell me about her...

Dee what are you thankful for?

Dee is thankful for the basic things in her life.

Najma’s Narrative

An interview with Najma in order to get to know a fellow St. Norbert student, while also exploring the power of storytelling.

Ms.Blaum and her perspective of life

In this interview conduction on January 16, 2018, Cami Hunter interviews her advisor, Ms.Blaum. In this interview with Ms.Blaum, she talks about her childhood and how being thankful for life is important. This interview was recorded at Virginia Episcopal School

Yolanda Rojo 1/7/18

1st interview with my mom to talk about her past and what she is grateful for.