Interview with my dad about life.

My dad shares with me some of the stories and knowledge that he gained from his family, life in Trinidad, etc...


An interview with my dad

Interview with Mimi

A short interview about storytelling and family history

An interview with my wonderful grandpa

An interview containing great memories, advice, and wisdom.

The Impact of Telling Stories

Sixteen-year-old, Dominic Palmer, interviews his dad, David Palmer, about how his work impacts others as well as himself.

Thomas Ten Eyck / Thanksgiving

I just wanted to talk to my dad about some questions. He doesn’t like answering questions so he keeps them short and quick unless it’s about science.

Kyliah Harper and her grandma Joyce Pearson talks about her childhood memories and family.

In this interview, conducted on November 30, 2019 in Flint, Michigan, Kyliah Harper (15) interviews her grandma Joyce Pearson (62) about her childhood and important memories. Ms. Pearson talks about her childhood memories and frequent visits to Virgina with her...

Interview With My Nana!

Interview with my grandma, asking her various questions about her childhood

Lit Life: Philip Fan and Audrey Carter talk about The Things They Carried.

In this recording, high school seniors Philip Fan and Audrey Carter discuss the significance of storytelling in The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.

Grandma interview

We talked about my grandma’s childhood and also the stories she heard from her parents. She also told me about how she migrated from India to Pakistan because of wars and other events. She told me about my dad’s childhood...

Interview with my dad

Recorded December 3, 2019, my dad (Mark) and I (Ethan) discuss what it was like growing up in the 70s and 80s. We go into depth of different experiences and some advice for me and my future.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with Mrs. Maria A. Matthews

Mrs. Matthews told me about her family’s cultural heritage including interesting stories about her ancestors. She also gave her perspective on immigration.

Drama Project

In this interview, I talked with my mom about her childhood. My mother also talks about lessons, important people, and stories she holds close to her.

TheGreatListen2019 OHSWildcatsListen19

I asked my mom about things she has learned and some interesting stories from her past.

Tom Webb

Talking with my grandfather about life and what it means to be great person.

Stories with step sister.

This interview is about childhood memories and stories for a life time.

“It’s a classic…”

I got to interview my brother, Ashton. We had conversations on his childhood, school systems, parents, funny and scary stories, nicknames, inspirational people, and football.