Steven Rauscher and Eric Myszkowski – "But we all get to go home at the end of the day."

Steven Rauscher (33) speaks with his friend and former coworker Eric Myszkowski (29) about the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment in general and the service industry in Philadelphia specifically.


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Evelyn Cope and Catherine Urbon interview

Evelyn Cope interviewing her sister Catherine Urbon at her cottage in Rondeau Park, Canada

Evelyn Cope and Catherine Urbon Part 2 of 2

Evelyn Cope interviewing her sister Catherine Urbon at her cottage in Rondeau Park, Canada. Part 2 of 2

Memunatu Abubakar : Interview With Brother, Faaeaz Abubakar- Insight on 2020

Memunatu Abubakar (15) interviews her older brother, Faaeaz Abubakar (19), about his experiences in 2020. They discuss the many aspects of this year, including the Black Lives Matter movement, Coronavirus, quarantine, and even personal parts of his year. Faaeaz explains...

Marie Gregg and Jordin West

Marie Gregg (36) and Jordin West (33), classmates in ICS510: Mission, Context, and Ecclesial Life at Nazarene Theological Seminary. A practice interview for the final ethnographic project.

Aya Hamdan

Aya Hamdan: 2020-10-07 01:19:38 Aya Hamdan(15) interviews Lamar Davila(17) of how his life was going throughout his journey of being a baby-teen almost an adult, and about how he coped with the corona virus pandemic.

Tati Rivera … the girls on the street were family!

Tati Rivera (35), left in a dumpster at 4 weeks old by her mother who was an addict, went through the foster care system, talks about living with rejection, and angry incidents to becoming a drug addict and sold herself...

Imani Johnson and Kevin Johnson

Imani Johnson (21) talks to her father, Kevin Johnson (51) about his experiences growing up in Chicago and how these experiences shaped him into the man he is today. They talked about his childhood, family, and his life as a...

adrian valdez

adrian valdez: 2020-09-29 16:18:28

Emma VandeWater, Sean Tapia, and Urban Planning

Emma VandeWater is a student in the Master of Urban Planning program at the University of Kansas. Sean Tapia is a graduate of the University of Kansas and works at a planning firm in Chicago. In this interview we talked...

Sevon Ellery

Sevon Ellery: 2020-09-26 23:45:14

Brooke Perugino and Eileen Wenckus Life during the Covid -19 pandemic.

Eileen Wenckus: 2020-09-25 17:37:32 interviews her niece about her first job in healthcare, which is at a hospital. Only one year working there and she found herself in the midst of the Covid -19 pandemic. Brooke loves her job and...

KU UBPL Grad Student Troy Watterson And Planning and Building Director, Zach Tusinger’s Interview

Troy Watterson, a KU UBPL Graduate Student, conducts an interview with current Planning and Building Director for the City of Calistoga, Zach Tusinger and share his experience, accomplishments and story, as an professional planner.

Kip Strauss, HNTB discusses being a transportation planner to urban planning student Neda Torabi of the University of Kansas

Kip Strauss, HNTB (53) transportation planner of 25 plus years talks to Nada Torabi (41) a first year Iranian urban planning student working on her Masters degree from the University of Kansas. Kip talked about what its like to practice...

Katherine Knobbe

Katherine Knobbe: 2020-09-21 21:14:16