Jacqueline Van Meter & Stacey Todd

Jacqueline Van Meter & Stacey Todd discuss early influences and the pandemic's impact on their lives.

Mish and Esti discuss local food

Mish and Esti talk about food systems status quo and ways to improve it

Spears family culture

We talked about family culture. Mainly about my moms side where they focused on a lot of cars.

Dominick and Mackenzie discuss local food

Mackenzie and Dominick discuss local food from a past perspective growing up in different areas of the U.S. and how the local food experience has changed since coming to college in Ann Arbor, MI.

Liz and Kim discuss local food

CSA’s that didn’t go according to plan and the benefits of the local food system beyond that of the actual food.

Livi and Kiana discuss local foods

Livi talks about accessibility of local foods, farmers markets, and moving to a new city one day.

Catherine and Grace discuss local food

I sat down with my roommate Catherine to discuss her family’s relationship with local food and her thoughts about the importance of eating locally in promoting sustainability.

Olivia & Grace discuss local food!

We discussed how Olivia’s relationship with local food has changed as she’s grown up and moved to a different city. We also addressed common barriers that people face when trying to access local food.

The Great Holiday Listen: Traveling Actress/Dancer

How did two twin girls from the sleepy suburbs of 1920s Kalamazoo Michigan go on to act in New York, dance in Puerto Rico, and end up on the Andy Williams Christmas Show? On January 4, 2020, Harrison Williams sat...

Mother-Daughter Connections

Nancy brought up an embarrassing memory from Melanie’s past in this interview.

Stories of Being a Paramedic

Scarlet Jackson sits down to talk with her grandma, Sherry, 61. Sherry describes her life as a Paramedic in Lapeer County. She tells stories of CPR, corn, and what happens when you mix the two. But, most importantly, her love...

Mother and son discuss what Christmas was like as a child

I interviewed my mom on Christmas and what it was like for her growing up. I learned alot about how she feels about holidays as and what she thinks would make them better. Talks about her favorite traditions and most...

Kyliah Harper and her grandma Joyce Pearson talks about her childhood memories and family.

In this interview, conducted on November 30, 2019 in Flint, Michigan, Kyliah Harper (15) interviews her grandma Joyce Pearson (62) about her childhood and important memories. Ms. Pearson talks about her childhood memories and frequent visits to Virgina with her...

St Cecilia Society President

I talked with Andrea about the history she has with the St Cecilia Society and her history in Flint

Talking with my Nana about family loss, her life, happy times, and her memories of me

In this interview, made in December 2019 in Flint, Michigan, I, Zion Thomas (15) interviewed my Nana Joe Jackson (69). This interview ranges from the topics of coping with the recent passing of family to some of my Nana’s happiest...