Interview about WWII and JFK – 05-27-2024

Sue dicusses her childhood, stories of her father who was in WWII, and her experience with JFK as president.

Interview with Aunt Sheia

Niece Victoria and Aunt Sheila discuss her experience of becoming a computer programmer in the late 80’s

Service Learning – 05/27/2024

Cousins Samantha (16) and Lorena (27) sit down for an interview about life.

Sitzes Father to Son Advice

Father (Sean Sitzes, 47) and Son (Ethan Sitzes, 17) discuss their time at Whitney Young. Sean also discusses his time at UIUC, his career as a social worker, mental health, his memories of his parents, and advice for Ethan.

Life as a first generation immigrant

My mother and I discuss what life was for her as a first generation immigrant from Greece. By looking back on her life and childhood.

Loi Yu’s Interview

Chayse (18) and her dad Loi (43) discuss Chayse’s childhood and how her upbringing was during her youth.

Interview with Andrea Degreiff Beisser

Pablo and his mother, Andrea De Greiff Beisser discuss her immigration to the United States

Interview with Robert

Son Nicholas(18) and Father Robert(60) talk about Robert’s life


I interviewed my dad because mr maheu told me to

Grandmas Parents Immigrant Story

Grandma tells the story of her parents immigration and their experience.

Life as an Educator in today society

Friends Makayla and A’Janae discuss being a teacher and more in this week’s daily’s interviews.

Interview with my Mom

I interviewed my mom and she talks about her job and what she hopes for her kids.

Getting to Know : Mazi Kabi

Interview with Philly’s Own Mazi Kabi about his music and artistry.

Sara Downin interview

Jeremy interview Sara about her choice to go back to school.

Nonna Maria's Interview (English)

Maria Ginevra Deccico Pecora (83) talks about her life growing up in a small Italian town and moving to Uruguay as a teenager, and later about her family and moving to the USA.