Interview with Mrs. Kirby
December 4, 2020 App Interview

Mrs. Kirby talks about her experiences as a high school chorus teacher

#TheGreatListen An interview with Shannon Benting.

A look inside the mind of Shannon Benting and her personal reflections.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Quick Interview with my Uncle (not by blood) Conrad

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My aunts memories. Some crim childhood, her favorite ones, and her favorite memory of me.

Joshua Skoudis interviews Nour Mohammed

Joshua Skoudis talks to Nour Mohammed about his early life, his views on religion, racism and hierarchy, and the evil of corporations.

Love, pain, and Hope

During the 8 minutes in which I sat down with my mother to speak about the impact that I’ve had in her life, she told me about some of the most notable moments in her life since she birth me.

Iris Zhorov and Alexandra Zanin-Zhorov

Iris Zhorov (18) talks with her mother Alexandra Zanin- Zhorov (42) about her immigration stories, her academic and scientific career, and the difficulties she faced as a woman in science.

Interview with Grandma Susie

Discussion with my grandma about her life now and pre-grandchildren, and if life went how she thought it would.

Millicent and Zion Cash

This was an interview conducted by myself (Zion) with my “elder” for a class project. This interview discusses aging and a few key takeaways along the way. My interviewer is very special to me, she is my mom.

Thanksgiving Listen

Just a interview with my sister on a few touchy subjects that I wanted to get into.

3 Generations of Cutler, Cope, and Pangerl girls discuss life, love, loss, and the humor of family

This interview is private.

Nadja Brown's Story

Nadja Brown shares her story about sexual assault while also providing advice for anyone.

Good ole days

Everything in my grandmas life

Alicia Lopez and Emelin De La Rosa

Alicia Lopez (18) and Emelin De La Rosa (19) discuss managing life during the pandemic, adjusting to college life, and finding themselves this year.

"Anushka Pande and Harrison Zoltowski"

Anushka Pande (18) talks with her friend, Harrison Zoltowski (18) about her life and her experiences growing up.

Elsie Mezo and Eva Batchelor

Eva Batchelor (14) talked with her friend, Elsie Mezo (14) about living through prejudice, and finding what the meaning of life is to you.

“Harrison Zoltowski and Anushka Pande”

Harrison Zoltowski (18) talks with his friend, Anushka Pande (18) about the role that perseverance has played throughout his life.

Roy Huckeba and Amy Huckeba

Roy Huckeba: 2020-12-04 19:06:49 Interview between Husband and Wife about past lessons and what it was like growing up.

Shaan Haason and Bruce Marques Interview

I am a freshman at the HC and here I am interviewing a fellow freshman who has tested positive for COVID and is currently in quarantine.

My Great-Grandmother’s World Famous Cooking

My great grandmother’s cooking has an amazing power to unite the family and bring so much liveness to the dinner table each time she brought out her world-famous garlic chicken wings.