An Interview on the Teachings and Love of our past, present, and the future!

Michael Elrod interviews his friend Curtis and learns a little more about who he is and what makes him authentic in his life.

interview of my mom Shawna Melton

In this very short interview we talk about. Her early life as a kid growing up. And her current life as a hair stylist and the future.

Caleb and Ry Interview
December 4, 2022 App Interview

I’m this interview, we talked about attending a community college in 2022

childhood memories

I mostly asked about our childhood and asked more about the Hmong culture. She is someone who I know has my back

Storycorps project

An interview of my Dad’s life, featuring my Dad!

Diya and Taylor- 12/3/2022

Taylor Eadie (18) talks with Diya Kishore (18) about the highs and lows of being apart of the LGBTQ+ community as a white male in his past and present.

Talking about Teen Moms with Mom

Hailey (18) discusses being a teen mom with her mom, Terri (43).

Makenna and Bob More

Makenna More interviews Bob More, her father, about the effect the COVID-19 pandemic had on his life as reflected in 2022.

Wisconsin and Maine driving recollections

rambling recollection of two generations of Richardsons, father and two sons.

Interview with Jeff spatz

Em Thomas (18) interview Jeff Spatz about his life and career in theatre and as a theatre teacher

Aileen interviewing her uncle

Aileen Ortuno: 2022-12-04 01:20:17 My uncle is Gabriel Ortuno who is 27 years old. He's served in the military and is currently at school.

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin: 2022-12-04 01:00:28

Finding Your Direction

Carly (18) and her father Mark (62) talk about finding your direction in life.

Tina Toro interview

Mark Toro interviews Tina Toro, his mother, and asks her questions regarding her life, accomplishments and family.

Entrevista a Maria Nova (hondureña) desde la ciudad de Nueva York

En está entrevista estuvimos hablando sobre la historia de inmigración de Maria nova (20, Honduras) y como fue el proceso de adaptación en este nuevo país con la barrera de idioma y el cambio cultural

DIY StoryCorps Interview

I just interviewed my Momma at my parents house in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her name is Shawn Perkins and she is 59 years old. We discussed the way she grew up, family traditions, her views on Motherhood, marriage, empathy, and who...

research project interview
December 3, 2022 App Interview

interview about electric vs combustion engines

Happy Days are Here Again

I’m Makayla Boney (18) and I interviewed my auntie Sylvia Lee (70) on her belief of God. We discuss a little bit about our family and how God is present in her every day life.

Interview with Mom
December 3, 2022 App Interview

My name is Karli Wood and today I interviewed my mother, Tammy Wood. I am 17 years old and a student at Randolph County, and she is 43 and employed at Tanner Medical Center. We discussed my parent’s marriage, their...

Struggles of Learning English
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Today I interviewed Gabriela who is 17 years old and is my cousin. I interviewed her on her journey of learning English and how it was to adapt to a new language and life.

Covid 19

I was honored to interview my best fried who is a research scientist for a pharmaceutical company. And i got to learn a lot from her through this interview and I would say indeed we are warriors as she said.

Kaylee Brown- Are Jews Treated Equal?

An insight to a college girl who speaks on her faith in the Jewish religion and how Judaism relates to American culture today.

Religion, Sexuality, and my Mom.

This is a conversation about my mom(April Hammonds), her religious views, and having a gay son. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and recorded by me, Anthony Lanci, the gay son.