Delcia’s adaptation to Grad School and life alone in San Angelo. Also points of memorable experiences and the joy found in running.

Government Assignment:Parent Interview

I interviewed my mom,and asked about her her past and questions about myself.

The College Life

Elle Emanuel explains how she choose Minnesota State University Mankato and what pushed her to get there. Further explaining what she learned/got out of her experience and how it set her up for success in adulthood.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

Today for my interview I will be interviewing my mom.

Stanley Dunn interviews his loving mother, Kimberly Dunn and has a blast!

Stanley Dunn: This was a fun experience where I got to learn a little bit about my mother and how she feels. She is my hero. 2021-12-01 13:49:42

mom and me

me and my mom talking about 10 questions i asked her.

Portage Interview: Janine and Ayla

Today, I talked with my sister about growing up in two cultures at a young age.

Apb Student:Nathen

A breif interview about my parent life, on who he is, where he is from, and his family Bond. And raising a child at a young age

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my aunt for the great thanksgiving listen

Hardships within immigration

This interview was about the hardships my friend faced at an early age.

APB Family Interview

Gloria, Vilma and Rosario converse about their childhood, kids, and overall life.

Interview with my mom Sandra

I ask my mother a few questions pertaining to her past

Interview with Lucero

In this interview the brave Lucero is reminiscing on life and passing down her wisdom

me and my sister

we are talking about school jobs and covid