Ambar Rizwan and Daanish Rizwan

Siblings Ambar Rizwan (36) and Daanish Rizwan [no age given] discuss their childhoods, going to a predominately white High School, and expectations from their parents. Daanish describes his UX work and his efforts to bring about representation and inclusion. Ambar...

Chika Offurum and Chapin Montague

Chika Offurum (48) shares with her colleague Chapin Montague (23) her experience advocating for a higher quality of education as a student and child of immigrant parents from Nigeria.

Charlie Garrott and James Phares

Childhood friends Charlie Garrott (63) and James Phares (62) reflect on their time growing up in Jackson, Mississippi during the onset of school desegregation. Charlie and James discuss their experiences at public school in Jackson and remember their integrated youth...

Cam Be and Andre "Add-2" Daniels

Friends and collaborators Cam Be (41) and Andre "Add-2" Daniels (37) talk about their school experiences, their development as artists, and their current work mentoring young people.

Dorothy Davis and Benjamin Davis

Siblings Dorothy Davis (69) and Benjamin Davis (67) reflect on their time growing up as children of foreign service workers. They discuss the differences between going to school abroad versus in the United States as Black students during the early...

Tonia Reaves and Robin Young

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Tonia Reaves (51) and Robin Young (23) talk about their experiences in school. They reflect on the impact of racism on their educational upbringings, their experiences adapting to multi-racial school environments, and their hopes for future generations.

Allan Bergano and Dorothy Cordova

Allan Bergano (70) speaks to his Auntie Dorothy Cordova (91) about their experience as members of the Filipino-American community in Seattle, Washington. Allan shares his experience with bussing during school integration in Seattle and Dorothy reflects on her work as...

Stefanie Felix and Mitchell Green

Mother and son Stefanie Felix (69) and Mitchell Green (38) speak about Stefanie's experience attending a multiracial high school in San Francisco, California amidst nationwide school desegregation efforts.

William Yadron and Tiffany Woods

Coworkers in special education William Yadron Jr. (52) and Tiffany Woods (36) discuss equitable curriculum, administrative injustices, limitations of pedagogy, prejudice in the classroom, and gaps in access to resources for students.

Terry Batey and Sandra Shimon

Colleagues and friends Terry Batey (46) and Sandra Shimon (50) talk about the successes and challenges of the equity work that they have taken on at the Chicago high school at which they work. They reflect on the lessons they've...

Grayce Gadson and Kleopatra Gaiter

Grayce Gadson (71) shares with her colleague Kleopatra Gaiter (32) anecdotes from her time as a student in Florida, Indiana, and California during the desegregation of schools in America. Grayce and Kleopatra compare their varying experience with school institutions, specifically...

Dwania Kyles and Diane Bezucha

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with conversation partner Diane Bezucha (39) about her experience as a member of the the Memphis 13-- the inaugural class of first graders to desegregate schools in Memphis, TN. Dwania reflects on the work of her...

Diane Hayes Powers and Destiny McLurkin

Diane Hayes Powers (69) speaks to her daughter Destiny McLurkin (39) about being a part of Seattle's bussing program during school desegregation. Diane speaks about the challenges she faced as a Black student at a majority white school and how...

Gina Tillis and Sheri Neely

Dr. Gina Tillis (42) speaks with her friend Sheri Neely (48) about her experience as a young woman with Black, Mexican, and Choctaw heritage who moved from California to Texas as a teenager. Gina speaks fondly of Edwards High, an...

Karim Abdullah and Phillip Hill

Karim Abdullah (70) speaks with friend and colleague Phillip Hill (59) about his life growing up in Memphis and his family's history. Karim discusses the independent Black community of Mound Bayou, his experience as a student in a segregated school,...

Charles Kuner and Crispien Van Aelst

Charles Kuner (84) talks to friend Crispien Van Aelst (51) about his decades-long career as a history teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. Charles reflects on growing up in the Lawndale neighborhood, his philosophy of teaching, and the state of...

Elisabeth Lindsay-Ryan and Suni Kartha

Friends Elisabeth "Biz" Lindsay-Ryan (47) and Suni Kartha (47) talk about their work on the PTA Equity Project in their home community of Evanston, Illinois. They reflect on how they first became aware of the inequities in parent-teacher association (PTA)...

Cindy Buske and Joshua Soldwedel

Cindy Buske (54) and her son Josh Soldwedel (29) discuss Cindy's experiences with desegregation in Seattle. As an elementary school student, Cindy had minority students bused into her school. Then as a high school student, Cindy was bused from her...

Donald Felder and Delbert Richardson

Dr. Donald Felder (73) and talks with fellow historian and friend, Delbert Richardson (68), about growing up in Seattle and living through busing in the city. Dr. Felder was one of the first black students to be bused to a...

Ruth Rosner and Lyda Peters

Lyda Peters [no age given] and Ruth Rosner [no age given] talk about being teachers in Boston before desegregation efforts began, and what drove them to become activists in the fight for education equity.

Tracy Shaughnessy and Gail Mondoux

Tracy Shaughnessy [no age given] discusses with her childhood friend Gail Mondoux [no age given] her tumultuous childhood being adopted by alcoholic parents and her experience as a white student attending a predominately black school through Seattle's desegregation bussing programs.

Dwania Kyles and Leandrew Wiggins

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with friend and fellow member of the Memphis 13 Leandrew Wiggins (68). The two discuss their differing experiences as members of the initial group of Black first graders who integrated Memphis schools during desegregation.