Arline Bibeault

Arline Bibeault is an 82 year old lady that we interviewed today.

Judy Cowan being interviewed by Graeme Cowan – her first 18 years

This covered her time at Vaucluse public, going away to Gwandalan farm, SCEGGS, and holidays in Forster.

Ann Bowles Turk

This is an interview with my grandmother Ann Turk. I asked her about her childhood, grandparents, and her personal and professional life.

In the world of ; Winona (first daughter) Nanticoke Indian

My grandmother disccuess what it was in the 40’s being a nanticoke Indian .

Interview with Denny Deibler (2020)

I asked my grandfather, Dennis Deibler, about his childhood in upstate New York and about his life accomplishments since then.

War time with Jean Redington
December 1, 2020 App Interview

An interview with our grandmother about her time during WWII, taking the German generals to surrender, her work with UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, and meeting an American airman stationed in Frankfurt.

Life in Albany

This is a conversation about life growing up in Albany as well as the typical family after World War II.

Interview With My Grandma

I interview my grandma and she talks about what it was like growing up in a small town, and how it was different from today.

Bernie Glatt Wagner’s North Dakota 1940s/50s Childhood

Bernadette (Bernie) Glatt Wagner interviewed by eldest and youngest daughters Kim and Kyna. Bernie was born on a farm near Napoleon, ND in 1946 to parents of German descent, Roney and Theresia. Bernie shared stories of her childhood.

Nana and the bicycle

My grandmother talks about getting roller skates for Christmas and her friends bicycle

Coming to the United States!

In this interview we will take a glimpse into my brothers journey into the United States and this country has impacted his life!

Carol Mole and her granddaughter Julia Argilan talk about growing up in Massachusetts and raising two daughters.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Crownsville, Maryland, Julia Argilan (13) interviews her grandmother Carol Mole (77) about her childhood in Massachusetts and raising her two daughters. Carol shares stories about what people did for fun in the...