A Conversation with Greg Korb

My stepfather Greg came into my life 47 years ago when I was just four years old. He recently came to visit me and I decide to take the opportunity of a rare one on one visit to interview him...

Louisville Busing Riots 1975

We talked about the 1975 busing riots in Louisville, Kentucky and how it played a role in my mothers life, upbringing and how she was affected by it

Markus’s interview with his grandpa

We talked about his life and questions that you wouldn’t really ask your grandpa so im happy i asked !

Fall break interview with my mom.

Thus interview was to learn more about my mom.

Historical Interview Project

Dan talks about his experiences with war, segregation, the pandemic, and offers some advice for future generations.

Grandma Jo

This is an interview of Josephine Wilhelmi, grandmother to Marta Schneider where she recalls some of her childhood, teen, and young adult/parent memories.

Attitude of Gratitude Nair

Today I talked with my dad about what he is thankful for, how he changed as a person, and what are the things he likes to do.

Natalie Miller interviews her mother Sharon Miller about her life experiences.

Interview conducted in Massillon, Ohio on November 27, 2017. The life experiences of Sharon Miller (age 48) and her perspective growing up. Interviewed by her daughter Natalie Miller (age 14). She explains what is important to her, and others she...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this audio I interview my mom Marisol Aparicio, listen as she opens up to me about her past and her future

Randall Moore Life Perspectives Interview

This interview was conducted on May 20th 2019 in Lafayette, Colorado; Mikayla Moore interviews her father (Randall Moore) on how historical events and life experiences have effected his personal beliefs over time leading up to his current life situation and...

December 25, 2018 App Interview

I talked about the 1970’s and asked opinions on what happened.

Dad’s interview, 2018

I spoke with my father about his experience immigrating to the United States and childhood in India.

The 1970’s

During the interview, my grandmother and I talked about technology during the 70’s, fashion, and some of th main events that took place during the 70’s

Dad interview

Interviewed my dad at life and thoughts questions.

My Grandma’s Interesting Perspective on Modern History

The interview covers my Grandma's perspective on her life and important events of recent history including The Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, JFK's Assasination, and 9/11.

Kim’s Story
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Kim talks about how her childhood back in the later 20th century. She goes back and takes a look back on who she was and what she was like.

An Interview of my Grandmother: Life from the 1950s to the 2000s

Makenna Turner interviews her grandmother, Barbara Furlong, about her life from her childhood in the 1950s/60s to her adulthood in the 1970s to 2000s. Barbara recounts her time growing up in Hollywood, California and the influences of the Cold War...

A Greeks View of America

For my project I decided to interview my Grandma. We talked about being and immigrant in the US and the adversities that come with it. Then talked about some hobbies and previous jobs. She then spoke about how living in...

My dad interview

Where he grew up and talk about his parents and grandparents

LHP 1970s Boas

Steve Boas talked about growing up as a sports fanatic in the 1970s.