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My Mom About 30 Years Ago
November 30, 2018 App Interview

My Mom doesn't speak English at all (I learned from this interview that it is partly because of her 7th grade English teacher - a nightmare) so the whole interview is in Korean. So I guess this will be for...

Tammy Ambrose Interview part 2

In this recording Tammy Ambrose is being interviewed on her knowledge and experiences from the 1980's

1980's Interview- Joel Delewski

Am interview about topics such as the fall of the Berlin wall, The Mt. St. Helens eruption, Ronald Reagan's Presidency, and many more.

1980's Interview- Amy Knepper

An interview about topics like the Exxon Valdez oil spill, The AIDS epidemic, the Space Shuttle launches, and many more.

Jamie Citerin and Laura McInturf

Jamie Citerin talks with her mother (64) about her life from growing up in Elkhart Indiana to family history, to being a young mother in the 1970's, from her faith to historical events that she has witnessed/experienced.

Untitled Interview

This is an interview between Chloe Petsch and Kevin Petsch, where Kevin is getting asked questions about the 1980's.

Learning More About My Dad: Our Family’s Legacy

Natalie Francis (age 20), conducted an interview of her father. John Francis (age 56) was her choice for this particular project because of wanting to learn more about her father/his life. We talked about everything from his childhood/adolescence, his teenage...

Scott Ambrose talks about the 1980's

In this recording, Scott Ambrose is being interviewed about the 1980's, what he remembers and what he knows.

Untitled Interview

In this recording Heather Petsch is being interviewed and asked questions about the 1980's.

Tammy Ambrose Interview Part 1

In this recording Tammy Ambrose is being interviewed on her knowledge and experiences from the 1980's

Connor Sammons and Jill Jalutuch

Connor Sammons (14) talks with his Aunt, Jill Jalutuch (51) about childhood and growing up in the 80's