A Journey To and In Christian Ministry

Roberto, a youth pastor currently in central New Jersey, shares his testimony of how God has worked in his life.

EC Interview

I decided to interview my dad John Weigand. He grew up in a big family in Fortwayne, Indiana with 4 brothers and 1 sister. His life was filled with sports, fun, and working hard. As he grew up, he attended...

Tom Battista and Mari Moerschen

Air Force experience and Flew in Vietnam and Desert Storm

Interview with Grandmom

My Grandmom, Linda Ingram Reinert, answered some of the questions I had about her life.

Sarah Maiberger and Everett Thomas

Sarah Maiberger (61) has a conversation with her father, Everett Thomas (90), about his experience in the service and their life as a military family.

Grandpa Tony disscusses his experience in the Vietnam War.

On November 26th 2017 I interviewed my grandpa, Tony Ulehla we talked a lot about his experience in the Vietnam War. We also talked about his childhood and my dads and his brother and sisters too. We talked about how...

An Interview with my Grandma

An interview with my 89 year old grandma who talks about growing up on a farm in California and being married to a military man.

Second Interview with Pa

Talking about my grandfather’s time in the Air Force.

Talking with my great grandmother

My great grandma Donnis Rogers Perme told me about her life. Her childhood, and raising her 5 children.

Leaving the Nest

I wanted to know what went through Kylas mind when she decided she wanted to leave the best and go off and serve. In this interview I was able to get a glimpse and what she thought.

Air Traffic Control Strike

We talked about what an air traffic controller does and what happened during the strike in 1981

Air Force Interview w/ my Grandfather.

I interview my Grandfather about his time serving as a mechanic in the Air Force. We speak about what his job was about and his experiences doing it.

Lessons with my adopted grandpa Steve

Steve and my grandfather we’re good friends in the Navy and later at the United States Air Force Academy. He was married to his wife, Leslie, for 53 years.

Pamela Sulton and Edward Hampton

Pamela Sulton (60) talks to her father, Edward Hampton (84) about his time in the Navy, his time the Air Force, and his time working on Fort Jackson for thirty years.

Interview with Corey Delgado by Alexis Delgado

An interview with a former Air Force man who is now a police office and how the Air Force has changed and helped him.

Grandfather and Granddaughter Thanksgiving Interview

Ex-Air Force serviceman tells granddaughter of his life from elementary school to present day. My interview was with my grandfather, Hollis Flanagan (or Papaw) in Vestavia, Alabama, on November 24, 2017. A role model in his life was his father-in-law,...

Maxwell Lopez

Being apart of the military.

Interview about my grandmother’s life
November 28, 2018 App Interview

On November 26th, 2018 I interviewed my grandmother, Kathy Davis, who talks about her childhood and experiences living in the United States. She also talks about her father who was a four star general in the Air Force.

Interview with Dan O’Boyle (SSgt – USAF – 1982-1985)

This is an interview I am conducting with my father, who served in the Air Force during the early 80s in Alaska, at AFB Elmendorf.