Gary Shafer and Michaela Shafer

Michaela Shafer (68) interviews her husband Gary Shafer [no age given] about his time in the Air Force, what is was like serving during Hurricane Katrina, and what he would like his children to know about his time in the...

My father, the Drill Instructor!

My father is a man of very few words, he’s a quiet, but very serious man. I could never imagine him yelling, I found it fascinating that he was a Drill Instructor in the Air Force, back in the early...

Ellen Steele and Emily Guerra

Ellen Lively Steele (84) talks with her friend Emily Guerra (71) about her time as a neuro-psych technician in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, her life right after leaving WAAF, and what it was like as a New Mexico state...

Bel Monteith interviews her Grandpa and they talk about his childhood in the delta and life adventures.

In this interview, made on November 22, 2018 in Senetobia Mississippi, Bel Monteith and her grandfather, Kat Monteith talk in the city that he has lived in for a long time. Kat talks about his life in the war and...

Talking to my grandfather Richard Donnelly about his younger years

In this interview, Reginald Sterling (17) interviews his grandfather Richard Donnelly (89) about his childhood in Midland Park, New Jersey. He begins to share stories about his time in the Air Force and college.

Jerry Price – November 2018

During this interview, we discussed the early years of Jerry Price’s youth. As a kid he ran a nightcrawler and lawn mowing business while juggling choir, orchestra and band in school. He later joined a bowling league. After his time...

Leah and her Grandpa talk about his life growing up, in the Air Force and her parents growing up.
November 29, 2019 App Interview

In this interview conducted in November 2019, in Nj, Bill O’Brien and his granddaughter, Leah Ellenberg talk about his life growing up, and his greatest accomplishments. He shares his stories of his travels in the Air Force, and his favorite...

Life of an Airman

I asked Air Force veteran about his life in the Air Force and how it affected his life in many ways. He had some very interesting details and I learned a lot.

Dad’s time at Kunsan Air Base

Korea Defense Veteran describes his time in the Wolf Pack along with other stories from this deployment.

Doug Fuller 9/11

Perspective of 9/11 from a Lt. Col of the Airforce. This took place at Barksdale airforce base.

Talking to Grandpa about WWll (and some other stuff)

This is me and my mom talking to Aubrey Wells, my Grandpa, about WWII (and some other stuff, too.)

Savannah Hill and her Grandpa Adolph Svec’s experiences from college, the military, and his family.

An interview with my grandfather about his experiences and reflections on his life during his different careers. He talks about his military life, teaching life, important people in his life, and the history of his parents and grandparents.

Keesler, 338th, Women’s AC

How the women students of the 338TRS used St Patrick's Day to get their air conditioning fixed.

Grandpa’s work journey

The podcast was mostly about his journey in the United States Airforce.

History Project 2018

During this interview I learned a lot more about my past neighbors life. Mr.Rick reminded me a lot about how technology has taken over our life’s as kids when he told me how much he loves to be outside. Mr.Rick...

Interview with my Grandparents, Toni and Alan Goldey

In this interview, we talked about my grandparents childhood, how they met, and how their different upbringings have brought different aspects to their relationship. Being apart of the Air Force, we discussed how this lifestyle of constantly moving affected their...

A talk with a chaplain.

The time in tech school where I went to verify with a chaplain that I wasn't gay. (Spoiler: I kinda was.)

Jaema Puentes and Zoe Nissen "I would do it again in a heartbeat"
September 21, 2021 App Interview

The person I interviewed is my mom, her name is Jaema Puentes. She joined the Air Force in 1999, after her senior year in highschool, and left in 2007. She is 40 now and said she really enjoyed going into...

“I would say being a mother is probably my biggest accomplishment”

In this interview, recorded on December 2019 in Omaha, Nebraska, Haley Reinhard (16) interviews her sister Kristina Reinhard (30) about her journey through the Military and new motherhood. She shares stories about basic training, tech school, and how she didn’t...