Immigrant Interview
December 13, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed her on being an immigrant in America

Interviewing Rachel Kpete

Interviewing my housemate Rachel about her life in Nigeria and her transition to America.

Interview with my dad José Rosario.

This is the great listen for 2021. Today, on November 28, 2021, I interviewed my father, José Rosario. We discussed his childhood and his biggest dreams. Jose gave us an insight on immigrants leaving their life behind for a new...

Manuel trip to America

My grandpa (Manuel) earning citizenship in America, and his journey to the United States

The Life of My Mother

In this interview, my mother talks about her journey as a kid of 9 in a poor family growing up in Malaysia, to a graduate student majoring in Computer Science in the United States. She also elaborates on who shaped...

Moving to America

My father talks about his childhood and his dreams of what he wanted to be one day. Then he explains what his life turned out to be and his experience with moving to America.

Adjusting to a foreign land

Nicholas “Nicky” Weinstock had jumped headfirst into an entirely new civilization, with no knowledge of the language or culture. Nicky’s son, Lincoln Weinstock, interviews him about his experience in Africa. Nicky tells about his near-death malaria experience, what it was...

Interview with my mom and her life and perspective

I interviewed my mom on how her childhood was like, her life in America, and future perspectives.

Me and mom ( let’s talk)

We talked about what the American dream is. We also talked about our country

Irene Baron post WW 2
October 20, 2020 App Interview

Susan Baron Zerman interviews her mom about affairs of the heart

APUSH interview with Lauren O’Desky

hi, Asher Odesky interviewed my mother, Lauren Odesky about the attacks on September 11, Israel, crash, and the great recession. This interview is for my AP US history class. 

"It's literally a chance for everyone to bring something to the table"

Troy Public Radio Host Joey Hudson and his wife Tram Nguyen discuss the differences in how Americans and Vietnamese people celebrate holiday traditions.

Escaping Turmoil in the Chaos of War: The Story of a Vietnamese Immigrant

In this interview done on April 20, 2019, Patricia Tran (20) interviews her mother (60) about her life in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and her journey in fleeing and adapting to the United States and its culture. Thuy Nguyen...

Son Interviews Dad About Coming to America and Childhood

This summary was about how my dad grew up and how hard it was for him to come to America after living in Palestine for his whole childhood. He is happy he cane to America even though he was scared...

Coming to America

In this informal interview, my mom and I discussed her experience moving to America from Bosnia during the war.

Aiden Neally Carter Interview

An interview with my Canadian friend Carter we talk about influences he had growing up and our favorite media franchises

Conversations with My 94yo Colombian Great-grandmother

In this interview, I talk to my 94yo Colombian Great-grandmother about anti-racism and anti-Blackness in America, spoken mostly in Spanish.

Thanksgiving listen

Father talks about his life growing up in Italy vs. the life of kids now in America