Hugo Muñoz and Lauren Card

Hugo D. Nicolas Muñoz (26) speaks with his girlfriend Lauren Card (24) about his journey to the US, what is has been like living in Oregon as an undocumented person and important moments that motivated his immigration advocacy work.

Iryna Himbitskaya Corley and Liliia Zlamaniuk

Iryna Himbitskaya Corley (35) speaks with her friend Liliia Zlamaniuk [no age given] about Liliia's life and coming to the United States from Russia.

The American Dream in the Eyes of a Black Woman
November 27, 2018 App Interview

My mother and I discuss what the American Dream is, and her personal beliefs.

Starting Off Right

Brady Ashton shares about his childhood influences and career goals, and how those experiences coupled with life's twists and turns helped prepare him to be a driven, present Social Studies teacher.

A New Life

Me and my mom talk about why she moved to America from Egypt, the challenges she faced, and how she succeeded.

“I promised myself that no matter whatever happens… none of my kids and grandkids will struggle like I did”

In this interview, Kachane Piturachsatit discussed his experience with the American Dream. How he grew up, what he achieved, and the promises that he made to himself that helped guide his life. Although his life was not easy, he managed...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview with my mother describes her view of the American Dream and whether she is currently living it.

How my mother became the successful doctor and businesswoman she is today!

This is an insightful story of African American woman who faced many challenges throughout life but still came out with a happy ending. Dr. Renita Clark is praised OB/GYN who has a story full of laughs, sorrow, and happiness. This...

RR English American Dream Interview

This interview discusses the American Dream with my aunt. We go into depth about the culture and politics related to this Dream.

American Dream – Real or Fake?

This interview focused mainly on the childhood and young life of my dad and how he came to be who he is today. He provided me with a very different yet interesting view of what the American Dream really is...

The Great OMM Thanksgiving Listen- Isabella Magnani

This a interview done by Bella Magnani (14), with her grandma Ana Magnani/Flaherty (71). This interview was done on November 26 2017 in Sonoma California. This interview was for a school thanksgiving break project. The topics talked about are connected...

Life From Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California

In this interview, conducted on April 20, 2019 in Orange, California, Mya Naguit (19) interviews her father, Manny Naguit (59) about the duration of his life from Pampanga, Philippines to Orange, California. Mr. Naguit shares insights into his memories as...

My Haitian Mother – Her Immigrant Experience

In this strange interview, which occurred on Friday, November 24th, I interviewed my mother, Carline Pierre-Jacques. It was about her overall experience about immigrating to America when she was 14 years old. Further, I had the opportunity to learn about...

American Dream

Kate’s opinion of the American Dream and the differences/similarities to the South African Dream.

The American dream

I interviewed Coach Baldwin about his past and he outlook on the American Dream.

Mother’s Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was conducted in November 2017 in College Point, NY, Maui Cate Tumanda interviews her mother, Marichu Tumanda, about her life and childhood. Mrs. Tumanda’s parents had a great impact in her life and were one of the factors...

Sandra Taitt-Eaddy and Doreen Richardson

Friends, Doreen Richardson (52) and Sandra Taitt-Eaddy (58), discuss their Barbadian identity and the differences in their experience as migrant women.

“Keep an open mind and adapt to the American Culture.”

I sat down with my cousin Zharlene Balodong to y’all about her experience coming to America and her American dream. We also talked about her good memories, her interesting stories, and how American culture differs from Filipino culture.

My Father

This was me talking to my dad about his Life in America

Ricardo Saravia, interview with my father

Question that I always wanted to ask my father, since he is a first generation immigrant.