Interview with Edwin Rumbaugh

In this interview Edwin Rumbaugh talks about his childhood in South Charleston, his grandparents, his happiest memory, different jobs, and his time in WWII.

Struggle for Happiness

Josselin is joing a high school marching band. Entering, she meets a wonderful guy but meets conflict when she becomes a shoulder to cry on for his ex-girlfriend. She doesn't let herself to fall for the guy she met but...

Bailey Collier and Dana Collier

Bailey Collier (18) and her mother, Dana Collier (58), open up about their feelings towards the process of adoption within their family. They share struggles, milestones, and hopes for the future as Bailey prepares for college and Dana continues to...

Music Education and Performance

Interviewing a former student of McNally Smith College before it closed abruptly. The impact of college and influence of music are discussed as well as the connections and relationships related to college/music life.

Judy and Her Granddaughter

What her early life was like, and how she would like to be remembered

John T. Maurer interview

Asking my dad questions about the music industry and his fun touring stories

Sofia Sferra and Anthony Sferra talk about some of Anthony’s childhood experiences.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Toledo, Ohio, Sofia Sferra interviews her cousin Anthony. They talk about Anthony’s experiences at school. Anthony shares about how he was in the high school band. Anthony says that his school experiences...

Glasses on Field.

I talk about a very certain day where I had forgotten my glasses.


Talked about swimming and band in high school

William "Chuck" Warren and Ann Schempp

Ann Schempp (45) interviews her friend William "Chuck" Warren (77) about his music career, band, legacy, and connection to Moses Lake, Washington.

Grandparents Interview

Grandparents talk about their history with music and my grandpa’s band.


What drices this teacher? Why is it his passion to teach?

"I’m more of a painter in music than a musician" – Alan Semerdjian

Mara Jill Herman (Astoria) interviews Alan Semerdjian (Long Island) who makes meaning of his life through art. They discuss family influence, Armenian heritage, dialectic thinking, writing, music, and the art of educating.

Lillian Porch and Leon Harris Jr.

Cousins Lillian Porch (61) and Leon Harris Jr. (74) share a conversation about the legacy of their uncle, Lawrence Leo “Snub” Mosley, a famous jazz musician.

Kerry MacLane and Laurel Sears

Laurel Sears (38) interviews her father, Kerry MacLane (64), about his childhood, his cross-country adventures, his life in Montana, and their family's organic farm. They also discuss Laurel's upbringing and look back on shared memories of one another.