Chronicles of a College Freshman: The Worst Moment of my Whole Life

A combined feeling of worthlessness, coming from imposter syndrome and discovering that friends, are not really your friends.

Car ride with Tiff

Best friends talk about what they mean to each other and life after high school.

Interview for comst 203

This is my interview with alex roux, for communications.

My friend

Talking with my friend from Ukrainiane who was adopted to America.


Questions over how she grew up and how she is now


A story of Grandmas life and what she wants to be remembered as.

Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friend

I talk with one of my best friends about the impact of friendship

Here’s to the girl who went through mental health . You’re not alone

My best friend of many years talk about the struggle she went through and had to exprience when we were just adolescent . To now being college student and still managing life itself . This is her story and a...

Interview with my mom

In the interview with my mom we talked about her life and what she did as a kid. We also talked about her memories and how it was growing up in Puerto Rico.

Cousin, Brother, Best Friend

In this interview, I have a conversation with my close cousin, Jayden. Jayden is a year older than me and I have been going to school with him for four years. In this interview we laugh, talk about our relationship,...

Olivia and I

Just two friends learning more about one another

My Sisters College Experience

I talk with my sister about her college experience and her journey from high school to college and how she made friends. And different ways which Coronavirus affected her school year.

Stories shared for the first time

We talked about stories from our past and how we can relate them to each other.

Jeff Ronchetti Sam Ronchetti interview

Interview with father about his life when he was younger. Talked about where he lived and how his life was when he was younger.

Shaping you
February 28, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, Keith and I talked about how his past experiences effected him today