Here’s to the girl who went through mental health . You’re not alone

My best friend of many years talk about the struggle she went through and had to exprience when we were just adolescent . To now being college student and still managing life itself . This is her story and a...

The Alex interview

He talks about the things he does that makes him look good and the reason he does them


we talked about a lot of things like how he came out and where he was born. we also talked about when we first met.

Kaylor and Abigail

Today I spent the afternoon with my best friend. We got to catch up on lot of stuff!!

Great thanksgiving listen

We talked about how she grew up and who she counted on the most in her life, and we talked about our favorite memory together.


Questions over how she grew up and how she is now

“I love you” – UGS303

I interviewed my boyfriend and we talked about what he’s experienced and his relationship with me.

Oral History Interview — Lillie Smith

Oral History Interview for Mrs. Denison’s class.

All About Ashley (AAA)

Talking about the good and bad times of Ashley through her eyes

Best Buddies

Gabi and I talk about our friendship throughout the year


This interview is take place in the tec with my best friend

Dally Boy

A friend that lives miles away with a very separate life than my own.

Best friend

I interview my best friend of three years. We discussed our friendship, boys, and the future.

Olivia and I

Just two friends learning more about one another

The Amigos

Interview with Fernando Munguia about life, family and future

The Amigos

Interviewing Gustavo Diaz about is life and great memory about his childrenhood.