Joanna Fernandez and Julieta Fuentes Interview

Today I got to talk to my mother about her life growing up and becoming the woman she is today.

My Roots

This is just a chat with my mom about how our childhoods were.

Mallika Bhargava 1A

Gunjan Bhargava describes how life was growing up and one of life’s hardest moments.

My Reason
October 26, 2018 App Interview

My reason for everything I do was born August 17, 2016.

What made you become you?

This Interview was not as natural and open as most of our conversations usually are but it was nice interviewing her.

Interviewing my Mom

A story about the life of twins

Interviewing a mother about her life and experiences.

Isabelle Haahr interviews her mother (Kristina Haahr) about her life and experiences. Kristina talks about the lessons she has learned in life, and from her family. As well as some of the most important memories in her life. Finally some...

Interview with Nanny

An interview between my grandma and I, discussing her life and many interesting stories. I learned about her father’s role in WWII and what it was like for her growing up.

My Best Friend

This is my interview of my Best friend, I did this because I want to let the world know how worderful she is.

My birth story
September 25, 2019 App Interview

This is my mother talking about my birth story.

Olga’s interview

She talked about her life and how it was coming to the United states