Mr. Forest aka Dada

Adam talks about becoming and being a dad alongside an amazing woman, Anya.

Winter final

We talked about my father’s childhood and his rolemodles and people that impacted his life.

My brith story

The story of my birth. With my mom Joan

The Story of My Birth

I sat down with my mom to talk about her birth experience

Story of My Birth

I interviewed my Mom about the story of my birth and how I came to be.

Asking my mother questions about life
December 15, 2017 App Interview

My mom talks about her life and she gives a brief summary of her career and how it has changed over time , she talked about what she would say to her teenage self and what she would recommend to...

Story of my mother life

Is was mostly more about my grandma which is my moms , mom

The Life of my Granddad

This interview covers the childhood of a man born just before World War II, how the war affected his life, and how it influenced his desire to join the Air Force. Although he had to leave the Air Force due...

Amina interviews Maria her grandma and her journey through life

Maria describes her journey and life to Amina. She has gone through ups and downs and tells Amina all about it.

Interviewing the person I’ve know my whole life… but I don’t really know, my mom

For a school project we had to interview someone in our lives and I choose my mom, so this is that a whole 45 minuets of a child and a mother learning more about one another!

Interview with my mom – Emma Catania

This is an interview with my mom about her life and her childhood memories

Grandmas journey

We mainly talked about my grandmas childhood and experiences in life. What it was like to become a mother and enjoying family.