JaNelle Powers and Chris Brookes

JaNelle Powers (71) shares life stories with her friend Chris Brookes (73). JaNelle recalls her days as a child actor and model, her marriage and family, moving to Lake Geneva, and purchasing an 1867 French Second Empire house 32 years...

Patricia Rutherford and Wayne Rutherford

Spouses Patricia Ann Martinez Rutherford (69) and Wayne Rutherford (70) share a conversation about the history and legacy of Tio Vivo Carousel. They also talk about their support, involvement, and dedication to maintaining the Tio Vivo Carousel.

Dr. Roland Summit & Dr. Glen Komatsu

Dr. Summit talks with his friend, Dr. Komatsu about his work as a psychiatrist and his late wife Jo and their shared love of repairing carousel horses. They also discuss how they met when Jo was on hospice with TrinityCare...