Mahlon Robert Sutton

Mahlon Robert Sutton, my grandfather, reminisces on his childhood, relationship with grandma, and his choices to be in the Navy. Audio is recorded over phone call, as we live in different states, making the time spent talking to him so...

grandma’s childhood

what school was like’ what her family was like, and what school was like

The American dream

Some processes are very difficult, but we are brave and we will be able to go through them.

Anusha Patel interviews her Grandmother about her life in India.

Anusha Patel (14) interviews her 89 year old grandmother on January 6th, 2023 in Canton, Michigan. She interviews her grandmother about her school and life in india,

Interview with Damon

My brother Damon Rogers, 30 years old. we discussed good and bad memories and things in his life that defined him growing up

Interview with my Nana

i interviewed my nana who is 73 and we had a conversation about her husband (my papa) and her early childhood.

Interview with Jua’Chelle Harmon and Janee Faulkner: Into an Adolescent’s Life

Jua’Chelle (19) interviews Janee (19) about her life in terms of her adolescence. Jua’Chelle, who a long time friend of Janee, wanted to know more about Faulkner’s life. Janee has lived in Michigan all of her life and her family...

Religion Interview With Mon

I am a 15 year old boy and interviewed my mom about her childhood and favorite experiences with me.

interview with grandpa

interview with grandpa talking about childhood memories and what it was like growing up

Service Learning Project

In this interview, I asked questions about my father’s childhood and his experiences as he grew up in Vietnam. His name is Cuong Nguyen and he is 61 years old.

my grandma Jeri

I interviewed my grandma over Thanksgiving and talked about her life and childhood memory’s.

Talk with Opa

We talked about me and my parents and his grandparents

Talking with Grammie

Talking about growing up and making the best out of everything.

What is your favorite memory of me? Something embarrassing I did? What about something nasty I did?

My mother told me something I’d rather forget, but in times like these you have to embrace the embarrassment of the past. As a kid I loved to share my ice cream, and I didn’t limit to whoever I shared...

Una aventura de mi vida

This is the story of my mom and what her childhood was like and how she came to the us and what she went through in her childhood to adult hood. It’s tells the life story of a immigrant from...

John Lee First Recording

John Lightfoot Lee, age 79, discussing his early childhood. First test recording of John. Interview by daughter Becca, age 47.

An interview with my Aunt Candice

I asked my Aunt questions about her upbringing and her views on life.

Harjot Singh – Grandma Interview

I interviewed my grandmother and asked her about her childhood and what she thinks I will do in the future