Candace’s life

Emily (interviewer) interviews a pastoral leader in her church, Candace, about different big moments in her life. She starts out in her childhood and makes her way through events in Candace’s life. In this interview, you will hear about where...

Brian Farrell

This interview was about the life and learnings of my dad, Brian Farrell.

A look into the 50’s and 60’s

We talked about childhood and like in the 50s and 60s. We talked about family traditions and romance

Richard Denbeau and Roxy Konnoff

Richard Denbeau (76) talks with his grandchild Roxy Konnoff (9) about his parents and childhood in Iowa.

Teacher’s Past

Thomas Wilson talks about how he grew up and became who he is today. He tells us what motivates him everyday and what motivated him to become a teacher. Finally he shares a little bit about his childhood memories.

Interview time with Grandma

This interview is about my grandmothers childhood and marriage. She tells us stories about different parts of her marriage and childhood and different places that she’s lived.

Getting to know Levy
February 20, 2020 App Interview

Getting to learn about Levy and his childhood.

Mom’s Memoir

A summary and recap of the childhood and life of a mother of 5 children

Life memory and relationship

My name is Taisei and I asked about 10 questions to Dangh. We talked about relationships and memory about life.

The Life Of Natalia Osver

I am Gleb Osver and today on January 17th 2020 I am interviewing my mom Natalia Osver. Natalia Osver was born on January 20th, 1978 in a small town in Russia. Her life wasn’t impossibly hard but it wasn’t easy....

Learning and Interviewing my Grandparents to learn more about their lives.

My grandparents, Kevin Walsh and Geraldine Walsh, grew up on the island of Newfoundland. They grew up in a time that was different from ours but had some similarities. My grandpa’s dad died when he was 12 and he was...

All about naye

This interview is about ajanaye and her childhood. How she got her nick names, how she wants to be remembered.

My mom

A boy and his mom discuss childhood similarities and life lessons that can be learned from childhood

Ava Interviews Her Grandmother In Solebury

Ava Marrone interviewing her grandmother Kathy Lopas in Solebury Township, PA on January 8th, 2020. Discussion based on what life was like when Kathy was a teenager and how it compares to today. Kathy gives advice about succeeding in life...

Changing Childhood

Per talk about what his childhood was like living in American and Thailand.

elder interview with jordyn palmer

brenda answered 15 questions talking about her childhood & people who have changed her

La or Toadie

I talked to my mom about life before I was born, and the life i dont know about. This life included the multiple summer jobs, long lost childhood friends, and meeting then marrying my dad, and many more adventures as...

Mother Interview

Talked about her father (my grandfather) and the affect he had on her.

StoryCorps interview extra credit

Through this interview, I was able to connect with my mother through a series of questions, mainly asking about her childhood and what that meant for her. It was also an interview for her to share her story as an...

Mason Spies and Janice Klinke

Janice Klinke talks about growing up in small-town Ohio, working as a nurse, and raising children.

Reflections and Regret
November 27, 2019 App Interview

I got to know more about my grandpa by asking questions about his life. It was a great experience.

Making history with story corps.

During the interview, we spoke a lot about past experiences and how they shaped the interviewee to be who he is today. We spoke a lot about his childhood, and the differences between the times then and now. We also...

Interview with my Boyfriend
November 6, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my boyfriend to learn more about what his life was like before we met.