Judy Slocum #4

Judy Slocum discusses her trip out West as a child, as well as other childhood memories.

Interview with Mom

My mom discusses about her experiences, both past and present.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was done by Jason Linz with his grandmother June Linz on Thanksgiving weekend 2018

Me, My Dad, and His Life In India and Amercia

Me and my dad talk about what it was like for him to move to India. We also talk about his childhood and what he was like as a kid going through elementary school through college

A-Gong (Grandfather) and his childhood

In this interview, A-Gong talks about his childhood and young adult years while he was living in Taiwan. He talks a bit about his family, his lifestyle, and how he was able to cope with the many changing environments he...

My mom Crystal Hamon talks about her childhood life to life now.

Me and my mom Crystal sat down on November 28,2017 at our house while I asked her a few questions about her life. My mom talked about her childhood and how it made her who she is today. I asked...

Bruce Kemp talks about experiences from growing up in San Fransisco

Bruce Kemp talks about experiences from growing up in San Fransisco in the 60's during his teen years and the transition from living in the city to moving to the suburbs

Memories of a childhood

We talked about Kenny’s childhood and how it was growing up during his childhood

Myah White alongside her mother, Cara Frazier, interview Taryn Quinn Remark.

In this interview, conducted in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Myah White(17), and Cara Frazier(somewhere in her 40's)interview Taryn Remark(6). Taryn Remark talks about her interesting and innocent 6-year-old outlook on life.

“What one memory would you hold on to forever, if you could?”

I asked my dad questions about his childhood growing up in Arkansas, what it is like having a father who is a pastor, his relationship with my mom, mentors, personal experiences, and more.

My Interview

We talked about what it was like during WW2, what my great grandfather did in WW2, and what her childhood was like.

My Unknown Grandpa–Interview across the Pacific Ocean
November 24, 2018 App Interview

Hello, this is Jocelyn. This interview is me interviewing me grandpa who is 70 years old and now, he is in China, and I am in United States. We have a time difference of 13 hours, it is a fun...

Kate Huber talks with her mom, Patty Huber about what life was like growing up in Washington State.
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Kate Huber (16) talked to Patty Huber (49), her mom, about her childhood and her historical experiences. We talked about what her life was like as an army brat till 3rd grade, and her experiences growing up in Moses Lake,...

The Life of John West Part 2

"We lived on our bikes, we swam every day, and had a great time." Gracie West interviewed her father, John West on his life on December 10th, 2017. In this interview, he describes his fondest childhood memories, his school life,...

Love and Support

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Umme Rumana (41) talks to her daughter, Tasmia Rahman (16) about how her childhood and life was like in Bangladesh before coming to America. Mrs. Rumana...

Interviewing Ailly Chua

My friend Ailly tells me about her experience moving back and forth from Japan to the United States.

The Life of John West Part 3

Gracie West interviewed her father, John West on his life on December 10th, 2017. In this interview, he describes his fondest childhood memories, his school life, all of his different jobs, and his biggest regrets in life.

Mother & Daughter

Conversation with my mother about when I was a baby/child. (The picture is an older one)

A Ramirez Unicorn

Chinyere and Alonzo talk about his life, childhood, family, religion, and remembrance

Me and My Aunt Val

This interview is with my Aunt Val. We talked about her childhood and growing up.

My Dad's Life in the Philippines and US Navy

My dad explores his early childhood in the Philippines growing up and explains his experience in the US Navy.

"We weren't really bad kids, but we did a lot of rotten stuff"

Bruce Caruso grew up in East Baltimore during the 70’s - an area that was known for hard-working steel mill employees, seafood, and some mischievous children. Bruce lived in the smallest townhouse on the street with his older brother and...

Alaya Abeyta talks with her grandmother, Margaret, about her childhood, and raising a foster child, as well as a child with cerebral palsy.

In this interview, Alaya and her grandmother, Margaret, talk about her grandmother's life as a child. They discuss what school was like for her in her time, and how her household was run. They then talk about how Margaret and...