Interviewing my dad

We talked about him as a kid and what he does for work.

Weston’s Wisdom

Weston (27) recalls some of his favorite memories and ponders how he would like to be remembered.

Memories from the 40s

We spoke about her childhood and her favorite memories about growing up in Coney Island.

Getting to know more about you

I asked a couple of question to my mother about her life before coming to the United States. As we go further into the conversation we we talk about more serious topics like mistreatments and difficult situations that my mother...

Learning about my parents

Talking to my parents about questions I always wanted to ask, like how they met

Meeting a Friend

I interviewed Catlyn about her life. I got to know her as a person.

interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and we talked about her childhood and things she remembered about her first love. We also talked about me and her favorite things or memories about me.

Interview with Vincent

I interview my grandfather about his life, ranging from his childhood to his military service

It wasn’t always….

We talked about Dan’s upbringing. We discussed our relationship pre-kids, and our lives post kids.

Larry Walker

My grandfather, Larry Walker, talking about his childhood summers in Green Mountain Springs, CO.

Jesse and James

I did an interview on my good friend James for class and this is what he said

Interview with Amaya Hostetler

This is my interview with my older sister about our childhood.

As a mother to recall childhood memories
December 10, 2019 App Interview

I am a very lucky person who have a wonderful childhood.

Jose Serafin and his mom Rocio Ayon talk about growing up and her memories from living in Mexico.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Santa Clara, California, Jose Serafin interviews his mom Rocio Ayon about her childhood in Mexico and her memories from there. They also talk about their current life and what they want for...

Interview on Growing Up

A few questions given to Marisa Turner about her childhood

Interviewing My Dad

We talked about his childhood and what he learned as a kid. It is very valuable to know many different lessons.