Poppy’s life story

We talked mostly about childhood memories. Some about jobs and schools mostly.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview we focused on my dads childhood and what influenced him to be who he is today.

Ciara and Erin Burke The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am interviewing my mother Erin Burke for The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Shawn Sorbom and Mary Sloper

Mary Sloper (78) talks to Shawn Sorbom (28) about going to boarding school at age 5 in Imperial Valley, Californiia, her Croatian mother, and her career as a nurse.

Grandma Interview

She doesn’t really go in depth so I asked a variety of similar questions.


Asked a bunch of questions and had a good time with mommy

Interview with My Father

Talking about my dad’s upbringing in Ireland and coming to America.


My mother's interview. She talks about her experience coming to the USA her home life and upbringing. She speaks about her children and future expectations for them.

Interview with Jeanette Hughes.

In this interview, I asked Jeanette about her life, and about her hopes for me in the future. She has shared quite a bit with me, and I got to know more about her.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Charlie Welsh

I interviewed my grandfather about his lifetime and how far he has come in his life.

Interview with my mom

With my mom talking about her growing up and raising me

Interview with my Dad

We talked about my birth and my childhood and his high school experiences and about our last name and we talked to our future selves and we made this interview into a time capsul!

Walter Escapes the Nazis

Walter, my grandfather, grew up in Vienna during World War II. We only really learned the full story a few years ago, and it was so fascinating to us how such an amazing tale went untold for so long.

Me mum

I interviewed my mom in trying to better understand her life. My mom has had the biggest influence on my life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her chilhood and her teenage life. We also talked about her life as a young adult.