Alessandra Fakhoury and Lori Ajloni

Alessandra Fakhoury: Alessandra Fakhoury talks with her aunt Lori Ajloni about her childhood, family, and more.

Karen Summers & Scott Acord

Karen shares a story about the role her Catholic faith has played in her life and how it has led to her work in mission support at Providence. She also talks about what Christmas means to her and the holiday...

Story Telling Assignment

Interview and a family member and record their narrative as a wonderful gift for our future family.

Garrett and Gerry, November 2016

The first of what I hope are a series of interviews with these two remarkable people. So inspiring and loving.

Kylie’s Grandmother’s Story

We talked about my grandmother’s family and where she grew up. We talked about what she was proud of and grateful for.

Interview with mother

Olivia St. Esprit interviews mother, Katie St. Esprit, about her experience with teen pregnancy and having children with a large age gap between them.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my Grandma about her relationship with our family, her transition from Peru to America, and more.

J.D and Vickie Schnabel’s story

We talked a little about their childhood, then how they met and when they go married. We also talked about my Grandpa being in the military, my mom and aunts growing up.

Robert Luck and Jeff Cohen

Robert talks about meeting his wife, Ellen, in Hawaii where they both grew up. He also talks about what he has learned about himself to his marriage, being a father, being a social worker and now volunteer.

Sharon Green-Peavy and Chance Peavy

Sharon Greene-Peavy (55) talks with her son Chance Peavy (25) about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their family and their community and why they decided to get vaccinated.

Martha Brockus

Our interview was about the life of a woman raised in Southwestern Illinois in the 1960's. We discussed conflicts that are often brought up today.

thanksgiving at the lee’s
December 15, 2019 App Interview

my grandparents and I talk about their childhood, family, and work life.

Noah’s interview

Noah Baughman interviews his four grandparents, Gail Van Roy, Howard Van Roy, Terry Baughman, and Trisha Baughman. Noah's grandparents tell him about what impacted their lives and some key moments in their lives.

Interview with Oma

My grandmother’s experience growing up in Germany during the end of World War 2, and her journey to the United States.

Great American Listen

We talked about her life when she was younger. I also asked questions about her parents and siblings.

Warren Brown and Melissa Reitman

One Small Step conversation partners Warren Brown (55) and Melissa Reitman (57) explore some of their political differences, explore the meaning they find in raising children and trade notes on the difficulties of public interaction in their professions.

Aaron Mcgonnell‘s interview

I interview my friend Aaron who is a recent freshman in college.

Interview with Sarah Heidler

Interview and short life history with Sarah Heidler at Heidler Christhanksmas gathering in Tennessee by brother in law Chet.

University Seminar

Today we talked about what it’s like to grow up in a single parent household and the struggles, and benefits, that correspond with that.

Mom interview

Finding out mor about my mom and what inspires her in life

Jolene DeMarti’s Great Bulldog Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed Hannah DeMarti and learned where she lived, who she lives with, and what she did in her childhood. I enjoyed learning about Hannah and her career and her advice on how to be a successful student.