US History Final Exam Part 2

In this interview, Bridget and I talked about what lead up to the civil war.

Civil War Interview

I discuss some of the events that lead up to thr Civil War with my brother.

Civil War Discussion

A discussion about the civil war.

Us History Podcast

I interview my mom about the Civil War.

El Salvador Civil War

This interview was about the experiences and opinions of my parents on the civil war in our home country, El Salvador.

The story of Alvin Lance, a Union cavalry soldier

This is the story of Charles Lance and Alvin Lance, Union soldiers during the civil war. It describes some stories of the war and life outside of the war in the late 17th and early 18th century.


This is an interview with my grandfather for English class during Thanksgiving break

Lolo’s American Upbringing

An interview with my grandfather (Lolo) about his upbringing in Topeka Kansas, discussions about his extensive travel, his legacy, his mother, and the American education system.

Civil War Podcast

This is about the lead up to the Civil War.

A Disrupted Childhood

Imagine being 11 years old, fleeing from your country to escape a civil war. Alfonso Campos didn’t have to imagine this, he experienced it. Olivia Campos, his 14 year old daughter, has interviewed him about the early years of his...

US History Semester 1 Podcast

A interview of topics discussing the events leading up to the Civil War.

Roger Johnson and Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson (20) shares a conversation with her father, Roger Johnson (76), about his childhood in Florida, growing up on a farm, traveling, and his relationship with his family.

Life in Sri Lanka

This interview was conducted in Voorheesville, NY and Colombo, Sri Lanka on December 2, 2019. The interviewer was Jayathri Fernando (14), and the subject was Jayanthi, her grandmother (78). Jayanthi describes her childhood in Sri Lanka as well as her...

Civil War Discussion

This was a discussion about varying topics involving the Civil War as the main discussion.

Sonia Vela Coming to America

Sonia Vela’s story of her immigration to America from El Salvador.

What does it mean to be American?

Well my father was born in England and last week he passed his citizenship exam! So I wanted to ask what it meant for him to become and American.

Civil War Podcast

This is a podcast about the events that occurred before the Civil War and how these events impacted the War.

Civil War Discussion

A discussion on the Civil War and speculation about the events around it.