Do You Even Lift?

We did this as a class project for senior year of high school, but it's a lot more emotional than that. I hope this gives whoever finds it a smile!

Aaron Win StoryCorps APUSH 1

Talking about my mother’s life in Burma and Japan before moving to America.

Gabriel Armado

This is my interview with my older sister who immigrated in the U.S after college

Daniel Hensler talks with his father Joeseph Hensler about his past and everything that led up to their move to Denver,

I'm this interview, conducted in May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Daniel Hensler (14) interviews his father Joseph Hensler (48) about his life up to his move to Denver, Colorado. Joe shares stories about his life in St. Louis and...

Learning about my dad’s childhood and how he coped with losing his parents.

In this interview, conducted on April 2019 in Placentia, California, Nick Devereaux interviews his father Jim Devereaux. My father shares stories about his parents and childhood memories. Jim also goes in depth on what it was like losing both parents...

The inability for NFL owners to sign Colin Kaepernick

I interview my friend to get his opinion on the NFL’s reluctance to sign Colin Kaepernick while other less qualified quarterbacks find jobs.


We talked about my moms college life

Thanksgiving Interview With Uncle Leighton
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Talked with Leigton about struggles with school and how he wants to overcome those and leave a positive impact on those around him. He has been greatly influenced by his father. It is with the push of his father that...

The great listen 11/24/18

I(Andrew) interview my dad on the course of his whole life and the specific events/moments he remembers the most.

Interview with Grandmother

Asked questions about her childhood, school life, work life, and general questions. Accompanied with my grandmother, mother, and sister.

Decisions on university

My mother and I talked about going to a university. I got a new point of view on what she thinks about all of this

Ethan Fine and his mother Suzanne talk about her life now and then!

In this interview, conducted on December 2nd in plano, Texas, Ethan Fine (16) interviews his mother Suzanne (45) about her childhood and her life as a teenager in Morton Grove, Chicago. Suzanne shares about her her time in high school...

AP Psych Interview With My Mom
November 16, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed with my mom, Bernadette Dore, about her experience junior year abroad in France. She discussed both the obstacles she faced and the adoration she continues to feel for her experience in this year long immersion into French culture.

College talk with my brother

In this interview I talk to my brother about college and his life experiences. As well as some tips for the future

Political Socialization

In this interview, we talked about life growing up and how it affected us gowing into the future. We wanted to know how relationships in high school could, in turn, affect the outcome of who we are and what we...

Craig Carpenter Interview 12/3/17

Craig talks about what life was like in the Bay Area in the 70’s and 80’s and his life during and after college.