Emily Bruell

A meandering conversation with a dear college friend, Emily, of childhoods, stories and daydreams of the future.


Interviewing the co founder of my club

Fortman sisters
November 25, 2018 App Interview

Claire Fortman talks to her sister Olivia Fortman about the struggles of college and what to prepare for.


We discussed his life as a college student and how has life has changed from highschool to college

The First Day of School

I was having an interview with a fellow classmate. It was her first time college and I am in my third year of college.


About college with my brother Matt

College Changes a Person for Better or Worse

How life at home was very different than life in the first term on campus.

Jennifer Moreno talks about what she’s grateful for as she reminisces life as a migrant

In this interview, Liz Plata (19) interviews her friend Jennifer Moreno (20) about her perspective on Thanksgiving as a Latina. She elaborates on how her family celebrates Christmas more than Thanksgiving as a result of being from Mexico, where they...

“Jade favorites”, by Mya Mclead, an recoded interview with her cousin Jade Bayones

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2021. Mya,11, interviews her cousin, Jade Bayones,23, about her favorites things growing up. Jade shares her favorite teachers in high school, subjects, and more. This interview was conducted for a project for psychology...

First Day of School

First day back in school, specifically college. Nerve racking on the first day but towards the end of the day and onward she was very much more relaxed with where was was in. She hopes to graduate on time in...

Richy interview

We talked about his school life and his jobs

Life in NYC

Here is a little background on what’s like living in NYC.

Kyle’s First Gen Story

An interview about Kyle’s story as a first generation student at Calvin University.

Performing Arts and Experiences Pt.2

We talk about our feelings about performing arts, specifically dance and other life experiences and opinions.

Ms.Klaus cheats on Santa

In trying to get to know someone else you really get to explore the emotions of them and yourself. Mariah talks about how her work and parents shaped her into the person that she is today. Get ready to dive...

Tips from a college student

Natosha tells me about what you can do to help you in college or before college!

Emily Yeatman and an old highschool classmate Ashlee Maney discussing how COVID-19 has affected their lives.

Emily Yeatman: 2020-12-03 21:43:40 In this interview, conducted in December 2020 in Wilmington Delaware, Emily Yeatman (20) interviews old highschool classmate Ashlee Maney (20) about the effects the novel coronavirus has taken on Ashlee's on-campus life and job. They also...