Cornerstone Interview

Tonight I interviewed my mom about her childhood, current life, and spiritual life.

The life of Logan Pettit

This talk is about my friend Logan Pettit and how he got to where he is in high school and in college

Conversation related to school life

Basicllly just talk about something related in majors and shchool life.

Aaron Win StoryCorps APUSH 1

Talking about my mother’s life in Burma and Japan before moving to America.

First Day of School
September 26, 2018 App Interview

The first day of school for Carlos was different compared to his high school. He had to get used to a different schedules and more freedoms.


We talked about my moms college life

Thanksgiving Interview

I interviewed brandy at my grandmothers house. We talked about college and what influences her life.

Tremayne Fraizer Interviewing his friend Maurice King

I just asked my friend a couple questions and some even made him think but overall this was a good and short interview

daily life and academic career in North America

This is an interview with my best friend Jiayi He. She told me about her academic choices and school life in Canada.

Realizing your passion

Rachel Siler interviews Beth Anne DeKeizer about finding her passion and being brave enough to change her career path.

Daniel Hensler talks with his father Joeseph Hensler about his past and everything that led up to their move to Denver,

I'm this interview, conducted in May 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Daniel Hensler (14) interviews his father Joseph Hensler (48) about his life up to his move to Denver, Colorado. Joe shares stories about his life in St. Louis and...

Annabelle Sophia Young

Tessa Balc interviews her Freshman year roommate Anna Young about Anna’s life, family, and career aspirations.

Adversity During Quarantine

This interview is told by a college student currently facing the challenges brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic. This interview discusses online learning, academic challenges, social media usage, impact on mental health, and community connections.

AP Psych Interview With My Mom
November 16, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed with my mom, Bernadette Dore, about her experience junior year abroad in France. She discussed both the obstacles she faced and the adoration she continues to feel for her experience in this year long immersion into French culture.

Interview with Grandmother

Asked questions about her childhood, school life, work life, and general questions. Accompanied with my grandmother, mother, and sister.

Interview with my Big brother about college

My brother is a University of Arkansas Alumni and I ask him questions about College and Advice

Decisions on university

My mother and I talked about going to a university. I got a new point of view on what she thinks about all of this