Grandparents interview

This is me interviewing my grandmother about some of the ups and downs of her life.

Carol Rigby and Paul Rigby

Paul Rigby (69) has a conversation with his wife, Carol Rigby (69), about the collection of lullabies she has gathered for years, shared with her children and grandchildren, and used to help the Safe Families for Children organization.


Me and Catherine talked about her neighborhood as she walks he dog. Sharing her stress and worry and being wrapped in a familiar and comfortable environment

What it’s like ~Kallie

Kallie talked about her room and the ways it makes her remember past people, emotions and feel pain. She talked about how she gets pain in her room when emotions flood her head yet there are the things in her...

Curse of Generational Trauma

This interview is between me, Emma, and my mom’s friend, Trish, speaking about Trish’s life with her daughter, Cassie, struggling with addiction. The topic of generational trauma is relevant. (interrupted by time limit)

Covid-19: Joe Muldoon of Haddon Culinary

Jackie Neale interviews Haddon Culinary chef-owner and friend, Joe Muldoon during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Joe speaks to the fact that his business only just opened 4 months before the stay-at-home order given by the President of the U.S. and...