My Dads Life on the Farm

This is an interview about my dad's life on the farm.

The Faith of a Single Mother

My mother, Kristi Wunderlich raised seven kids on her own and put all of her faith into the Lord. She talks about why she is strong in her faith, why she put everything into growing in it, and the dark...

Life with Six Siblings and a Mom that wasn't a Mom

Julian Zavala-Gunderson (18) interviews his mom, Brittany Gunderson (37) about her childhood with her family and what she had to do to be the "Mom" and a sister for her sisters since the actual mom wouldn't be the mom.

The Need for AED and CPR Training

Samantha Blake talks with her mother, Dawn Blake about her heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest of 2006 and her advocacy for AED and CPR training across the country.

Life Story Interview with Darlene Gryskiewicz

This is a life story interview I conducted for my Local Lives class at Concordia College. I interviewed Darlene Gryskiewicz, a local resident of the Fargo-Moorhead area. I chose to interview her to learn more about the Fargo-Moorhead area, and...

Growing up Afro German

The interview gives context on how is it like to grow up in Germany mixed. The interview touches upon the themes of race and growing up being more aware about oneself.

Carol Silus' Career Path and Inequity in the Education System

I interviewed my mother Carol Silus on her career path and how she sees the inequity in the education system and how that effects students education.

Forty Years Ago In Austria

Clara Heintzelman (18) asks her father, Dr. Matthew Heintzelman (65) about the time he spent in Austria as a teacher's assistant while he was in college.

Life Dedicated to Sports.
November 1, 2018 App Interview

In the interview you will hear about how my mom spend her life as a sports person. She was once ranked number two for womens soft tennis in Nepal. After spending her young life as a player, she has now...

Basketball and lifelong friendships

I was able to interview Lindsey who taught me some lifelong experiences you can get from doing a sport in general but specifically basketball during this interview.

Haidyn Gunderson and James Smith talk about his childhood and life lessons
February 21, 2019 App Interview

Talking to a close family friend who has known me all my life and finding out different values and background stories of his.