The Value of Life and Stewardship – Mitchel Branden

Mitchel Branden (58) talks with his daughter, Tasha Branden (19) about how his life influenced his time in the U.S. Navy (1980-1984) and how the navy influenced his life post service.

The Diverse Home of a Shelter Home

My mother Jennifer Martin (65) shares her stories, with her daughter Kaija Martin, about her time working at a shelter home in Minnesota for 10 years.

When a Camera is Man's Best Friend

Brenden Jankowski gives us an inside look into what life is like as an amateur photographer and his experiences with just him and his camera.

Teri Langlie Interview

I interviewed Teri Langlie, a professor here at Concordia. We discussed her life story and influences in her life that made her the woman she is today.

Minzamariam and Hanim

Minzamariam discusses her mother's divorce experience from her father

Riley Meyer's Adoption Process Interview

I, Riley Meyer, Talk with my parents, Rick and Cindy Meyer, about my own adoption process.

Athletics are more than winning games.

I, Zack Oistad, interview my aunt Annette Ambuehl about what she learned during her time playing college athletics and how she has been able to use things she learned back then in her business career.

Growing up in Liberia: Tilee's Story

Today I am speaking with my mom Tilee. She has been in America for more than 20 years. Since she was young, she has seen so much in her lifetime. this is her story.

Single Mothers

This interview is based on my mother, Brandy Christian, and how she went through living with a single mother and then later on being one herself.

Noelle Martin and Shihru Martin: Facing Discrimination in a New Country

Shihru Martin (55) talks with her daughter, Noelle Martin (19) about her experiences moving from Taiwan to the United States and the challenges she faced with discrimination and the simple tasks having to do with language barriers and culture shock.

Hunter McKay and Deborah McKay

We talked about her journey with battling breast cancer and raising a family. We also discussed what she believes the breast cancer community should know.