StoryCorps Memoir Interview

Pablo and I discussed the questions throughout the interview.

StoryCorps Memoir Interview

Pablo and I discussed the questions throughout the interview!

Conversation with my dad
December 1, 2019 App Interview

On listening, empathy, science,spirituality, culture, and politics

Interviewing my Brother

We had an interesting conversation. You can tell that we are brothers by the way we converse with each other about topics

Strength in struggle

My struggled I faced when having a conversation with my friend and how I overcame it

RMC Interview

This is my interviewed conversation with one of my ACH roommates Mahjahru. This may be the beginning of something more.

Faith: I didn’t want her, but I needed her.

At the age of 20, I was pregnant and determined to have an abortion, but my dad encouraged me to keep Faith. Ever since that choice, my life has been filled with a good love from the most authentic person...

Jake and I

Just a convo with Jake and I that describes us well.

Getting to know you again.

It's been almost four years since I started the relationship that would change my life and priorities forever. Getting to know your significant other as a child, I was 17 and she was 16 when we met, can leave you...

Sydney Becknell Interview // 3-21-2020

I sit down with my girlfriend, Sydney Becknell, to talk about everything from mental health and the coronavirus to mothman and cold spaghetti.

Elizabeth Duke and T. McClain

One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth "Lani" Duke (74) and T. "Davina" McClain (56) share their political beliefs, memories and the ways they view change in the community.

A Conversation with my Mom

I got to sit down and have a conversation with my mom. Learning about some of her experiences growing up helps me understand who she is and makes me proud to be her daughter.

CoVida Conversation with my friend Leah Henderson!

Span277- Extra CE Credit Conversation: CoVida Conversation with my close friend Leah about her upbringing, struggles she's dealt with and living through a pandemic.

Charles Irestone and Georges de Giorgio

Charles "Chuck" Irestone (52) talks with his friend Georges de Giorgio (91) about his most memorable sailing adventures, the Antarctic expedition he completed, and the famous friends he's made.

Interview With Virginia Jenkins

Talking about Virginia’s childhood/upbringing, discussing struggles how those struggles affected her life.