Bella Bargman interviwes Adithi Vardhan on a teenager's life during Covid-19.

Bella Bargman: 2021-05-27 16:52:20 Adithi Vardhan reflects on how Covid-19 has changed her life over the past year, from relationships with family and school to new pets and plans for the future.

Interview with Jenny
October 12, 2021 App Interview

In this interview, Jenny talks about some of the hardships in her life and her walk in faith.

COVID-19 Interview

In this interview, I talk to my roommate, Jake about his life since COVID-19.

Pandemic interview

I talked about how his family was personally affected and how church was going for him.

Interview with Dr. Kaylan Haizlip

Discussion between Pace Academy senior Isabel Battista and Pace Academy biology teacher Dr. Kaylan Haizlip about the events of 2020, from COVID-19, to the renewed racial justice and BLM movement, to the 2020 election.

Crisis Pregnancy Covid interview

Maddie interviews a crisis pregnancy center nurse about the challenges of the pandemic in her life and job.

A doctor’s COVID experiment pt. 2

A conversation with my mom about being a doctor in the middle of a pandemic

Pharmacy Student COVID Perspective

This interview was touching on the perspectives of a future pharmacist on the impact of Covid.

Transforming fear into courage and anxiety into hope

Pastor John and I exploring faith, the roles that we play, and how hope and courage fits into our lives.

Tuberculosis to COVID: Public Health in one woman’s lifetime

Interview with Patricia Harkaway (age 93) about communicable diseases (tuberculosis, polio, and COVID) in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Class Interview Ainoor

I interviewed my classmates about her experience with covid.

Covid 19 Memories wayland

Covid 19 memories project interviewee Ian