My crazy mother

What was talked about was her life. Also the regrets she made in life

The interview of the century

I sit down with Jy'Maire O'Connor my second half and talk about things no other man has ever dreamed of.

Jayson Gilkes

My cousin Shawn has many memories. He likes football and enjoyed the presence of my Uncle Tommy, who had passed away months ago.

Mom and Dad interview

This is my second take because the first on was not as good I interviewed both of my parents we talked about all of the interview questions and my parnts gave good responses.

My fathers journey in life and to America

My father coming from Afghanistan as well explains his struggle to reach America after the rise of the Taliban. His life story is inspiring and he is nevertheless proud of where he is today.


We talked about life in the military. Also life as a child.

Oliver Ackermann and his mom talk about her childhood and how her life had progressed since then.

At the start of the interview, the main subject was the people in my mothers life. This varied from who was the most important person to ever be involved in her life to the most influential. After some explaining, the...

Kees Poort

Kees Poort tells some stories/memories about his life, traveling and modeling. He also remembers some family members by sharing memories of them.

Service learning project

Life in California, experiences, lessons, events.

My Ginger Babies

Trying to interview my 3 year old twin cousins, Oliver (Ollie) and Oscar Endres. And their little sister Oakley wanted to answer questions too.

Vanessa Rendon Corona “The Great Thanksgiving Listen”

I asked questions about how our family is and most of the part my sister said was that out family is crazy. And how good the food is.

Grandma’s Life in 40ish Minutes – Kathleen & Noa Stoll

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oregon, Noa Stoll (16) interviews her grandma Kathleen Stoll (79) about her childhood, life as a mother, and other in depth details about her life. Kathleen shares stories about her husband, children,...

Tony Rahrow of Crazy Tomato, in Allen TX

Here I have interviewed my boss, Tony, and spoken with him about a few things. I also took some pictures of him on 35mm film, as the one you can see here.