Tristan Interviews His Dad About His Life

We talked about his life and some memories. We also talked about his life as a soldier.

Thanksgiving interview with grandma

grandma talks about what inspired her to be a teacher and how my dad was as a kid.

The Lindner’s Life Story

Today I interviewed my dad because I think his life is very interesting and also his childhood was in a very small town. I thought that the interview was also really fun because I got to learn a lot about...

Wise Words(ish)

While my dad isn’t old, he still has wise words he can tell me to help me through life. He talks about school teachers and the impact they have, while also recalling fond memories from when he was 10.

Interview with Dad

My dad says he has a lot to be grateful for.

The Great Thanksgiving Listening

We talked about my fathers childhood, about his wife and children. We also talked about his religious beliefs and where and why he works where he works.

COVID 19 questions with Aloke

In this interview my dad will answer some of my questions about how the pandemic has affected his life

My Interview During the Coronavirus

In today’s video I will interview my dad about the coronavirus

Life with Dad

A dad and son talk about their life and choices


We talked about the people who influenced him and what we would like to influence in me

Grandpas story

Grandpas story about buying a car with his dad


Very disfuctional

Stephen and Emma Snider Interview
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Stephen Snider and Emma Snider Interview

My dad

Getting to know dad