Interview with dad

I talked about my dad’s life and what he enjoys most. I chose to interview him today because I love him so much and look up to him.


The questions that were asked in this interview were mostly about memories in life. Things that helped my dad grow into the man he is today.

Interview with my Dad

Talked about questions for my English 101 class

Father or dad

In this interview Scott describes the difference between dad and father it him.

Dad's time in the military (part 2)

I talk to my dad about why he went into the Marine Corps and what his life was like while serving.

Dad’s time in the military (part 1)

I talk to my dad about why he went into the Marine Corps and what his life was like while serving.

Interview With My Dad

An interview with me and my dad (Chris) discussing his life and memories with me.

dad interview

this is the practice run for the Thanksgiving interview

IFR Interview-Sydney Mueller
November 3, 2019 App Interview

I asked my dad about his life so far, his childhood and all of his most interesting life experiences.

Sidney A. Smith, May 8, 2016

Personal interview on the life of Sidney A. Smith from Logan, Utah.

Aiden Benschneider’s Interview

We talked about what my dad is most proud of. I also asked him what advice he would pass on to his grandchildren if he could.

Interview with Dad

We talked about his past, what his life and family was like when he was a kid and a teenager

Joe Mags

I interviewed my dad, Joe, and we talked about his childhood and his memories.

Frank Gravatt: His Views on life and the film industry

My dad and I sit down for 40 minutes discussing why he chose making movies and his views on his life and things going on around him.

Interviewing My Dad

Here I am interviewing my Dad Greg Shaughnessy. He has been an incredible role model throughout my whole life and it was a great time sitting down and really getting to know him like never before.

What it Means to Work Hard – An interview with my Dad

I sat down with my dad to talk about his life and how he grew up. He started from basically nothing and took advice from those of a greater intelligence and applied it to his life and has become very...