Fathers and Signs

How a father’s passing and personal intuition affects life decisions.


We talked about his line of work stoutness another his life and what he did as a child

My Interview During the Coronavirus

In today’s video I will interview my dad about the coronavirus

Me and my dad

We talked about traditions in Serbia. Also about interesting family stories .

English project
January 10, 2022 App Interview

We talked about my moms childhood.


We talked about life and what he was proud of and what he did in the military

Grandpas story

Grandpas story about buying a car with his dad

Interview with my Pops

Nice interew with my pops going through times in his life

Interviewing my dad, Felix

Asking my dad questions about his life (ex. How parenthood has affected him)

Interview with Dad 11/22

I interviewed my dad, Greg, on the morning of Thanksgiving for my english class.

My dad’s experience with 911

I talked with my dad about how the actions of 911 effected him

Angelina Martinez and her mother Donna Polniak talk about childhood and parents

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Angelina Martinez (15) interviews her mother Donna Polniak (44) about the changing of her dad. Ms.Polniak talks about how her dad wasn’t such a figure when she was younger but...

Interview with mommy<3

how my mom viewed and views currently

Interview with dad

Dad he was trying hard to be professional

Getting to know my dad

Talked with my dad about what his grandparents were like, what childhood was like and got to know him a little bit better than I already did.

Stephen and Emma Snider Interview
November 29, 2018 App Interview

Stephen Snider and Emma Snider Interview

Sherman Interview

Interview for Heronfield Academy- Humanities