An interview with my dad

My dad shares one of his favorite memory of me

John Coleman

In this interview, I talked with my dad, John Coleman. We recalled memories from his childhood and conversed about family.

Past vs Present Interview

Interviewing my dad was fun lol

Interview with my dad

I interview my dad for the great thanksgiving listen

Interview with my Dad

My Dad answers questions about his life.

dad <3

dad and i talk about his life and experiences on his bad after my lacrosse game

Show up and work hard and you will never have trouble finding a job.

I had a lis of questions I wanted to ask my dad. My father dropped out of school at the age of 12. He was dyslexic and never learned to fully read or write. He is the smartest, most hard...


Bonding and getting to know my dad on a deeper level as an adult.

Interview with my aunt

My aunt talked about her life when she was younger, and how much her parents impacted her

Interview with Dad

Interview with my dad about the Bill Clinton impeachment

The conversation between daughter and father

I (Grace) have always loved talking to my dad, I got to talk to him about things that I didn’t really know about him.

On The Spot

In the interview, my dad and I were talking about his childhood. We also brought up jokes, memories, and lessons he has to offer.

Interview of my Dad

This was recorded on November 25 in 2018 and I ask my dad about his life. He likes cars and making things a lot, he was also on the swim team in his high school. We talk a lot about...

“True love prevails no matter what”

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Leesburg, Virginia, Elli Livingston interviews her mom Sherry Livingston about the story of how she met her husband and my father, Lee Livingston. Sherry shares how they met in high school, got...