Taylor and Isha – 11/29/22

Taylor Eadie, 18 years old, interviews Isha Kishore a 20 year old who was born in Omaha, Nebraska but lived part of her life in Delhi, India. She shares her story on what it was like to live in two...

Interview with my mom

Conducting an interview with my mom to talk about recent events and things would play out. What she thinks should happen and what should be different.

Simon Handrick discusses how German lifestyle is different than that of Americans

Simon Handrick discusses how German lifestyle is different than that of Americans

So Same, but So Different

This is a recording of my sister and I. I guess with this I have learned so many new things. It sometimes feels that even if we are together it feels like we are so apart. I have asked so...

Juliet Casanova and Geoffrey Howard

Juliet Casanova (49) shares a conversation with her spouse, Geoffrey Howard (54), about Asian American identity, being in an interracial relationship, and the memories they share.

Lexi Demanuel, Lily Demanuel, and Kim Demanuel

In this podcast, I interviewed my two sisters Lexi, and Lily. Lexi is 24 years old and Lily is 19 years old. Additionally, I interviewed my mother, Kim, who is 51 years old. Throughout this podcast, I discuss the topic...

Neil Dion and Ryan Dion

Twin brothers Neil Dion (38) and Ryan Dion (38) discuss what their twinhood has been like for them, family and goals.

Suprajira talks to her mother, Doungpon, about her family, culture, and coming to America

In this interview, conducted on June 2, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Suprajira Morakotjantachote (16) interviews her mom, Doungpon Morakotjantachote (47) about her family and culture compared to how she, Suprajira, was raised in America. Her mom talks about how large...

My grandma, Nanny

I talked with my grandma, Nanny (Jenny Stuebbe), about her childhood in England and the differences between England and the United States. Nanny also gave this as more background information: I'm Grace Hubbard's Nanny, Nana for short. I was born...

Maria Interviews Her Great, Great Aunts

I interview my great, great aunts, Ernestine DiLaureto and Henrietta Gardocki. They were born in the 1910’s and the 1920’s. We discuss their childhood, events that occurred in their lifetimes, and social norms of their time period.

An Interview with a Chinese Student and Friend in America

Paul talks about the adjustments he faced as he came to school in America, especially during the time of COVID, and also about his life and hobbies and what ultimately drives him.

What Is It Like To Be A Younger Sibling Who Is So Different From Their Older Sibling?
November 29, 2021 App Interview

Interview with my little sister about her perspective of our relationship as sisters with a large age gap, different fathers, and different personalities.

C H A N G E S media then vs now Camryn Anderson and Kristen Anderson

Camryn Anderson: 2020-12-02 21:07:58 Today I interviewed my mother, Kristen Anderson (42) and we talked about the shift from paper to digital media and the ways in which it has effected her growth and mine. We touched on a variety...

Super Serious Talks with Seth, special guest Corey

Seth 20 and Corey 19 discuss different backgrounds and perspectives on our lives and how we ended up where we are.

Robin Reshard and Lloyd Reshard

Spouses, Robin Reshard (56) and Lloyd Reshard (64), sit down for a conversation about how their early relationship unfolded, their similarities and differences, and what they have learned from one another.

Negative/Positive job descriptions in telemarketing.

This interview was intended to see if my friend has ever had any problems involving racism, biases or any type of inequality while working in the telemarketing industry.

Harrison Gill interviewing Jack Gill about growing up as twin brothers

Harrison Gill interviewing Jack Gill on Sunday November 28th. The two discuss their childhoods and reflect on how being twins distinguished them and turned them into the people they are today.

Lisa Jevack and Vickie Gottlob

[Recorded: Thursday, August 25th, 2022] Lisa and Vickie have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Lisa works as a Special Projects Coordinator at the UVA Fralin Art Museum, and Vickie is a retired teacher. Lisa discusses her reflections...

It’s A Beautiful Country

This interview took place in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, between Zonja Kaja (16) and her mother Eljona O'Brien (45). They discuss about life in a communist country, such as Albania when Eljona was younger. The feeling of wonder and dream...


An eye-opening, detailed interview that gives a glimpse of authentic Italian culture, mannerisms, and mindsets.