The great thanksgiving listen

This was an interview I did with my Grandmother Verna (aka Moogie)

Mom and I

We discussed my mom’s life and some events that stick out to her.

Interviewing my wonderful mother and discussing her past and where she is now.

In this interview, I Nadia Sarhan (17) interview my mother Deb Sarhan (50-ish) on December 3rd 2017. I speak with my mother about the important lessons various people have taught her in life. She explains her childhood and how that...

inspirational interview with my mom

I conducted an interview with my mom. I got an inside look on the trials and tribulations that she has gone throughout her life.

The life of Haryono Tan

I, Hary’s daughter, interviewed him and asked questions about his child hood and his personal life.

Betsabe Ramos and her family friend Gordan Kosobucki talk about his story of life in Wisconsin.

In this interview conducted in December 2019 in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, Betsabe Ramos interviews her family church friend Gordan Kosobucki about his childhood and experiences of life. Gordan shares stories about his youth and the Vietnam War. He also talks about...

APUSH Interview with Nana and Pop Pop

Talking to Nan and Pop about how their childhood was different form ours and how things have changed from when they were younger to today. Essential to analyze the way things have changed over time.

Coming and Going

This is a story about a 21 year old female who was placed in between a rough situation of choosing between living in Mexico or The U.S.

Grandma Patti

I talked to my grandma about her childhood and about my mom and me


This interview was about the persons life and what they’ve learned and what they have achieved from it. It was about her childhood and past life.

From Nothing to Nurse

On Thanksgiving there are many things to be greatful for; friends, family, and turkey. On Thanksgiving Day of 2017 (November 26), in New Caanon Connecticut, Arlene Parker spoke about two of the three. She taught her granddaughter, Amanda Sedaka, about...

English Project

We really mainly talked about our own personal troubles and some of the little details about our friendship.

Me and my mom

This is a interview about my mothers childhood and growing up and how she felt about me.

Ms. Bickley’s class interview

In this interview we talked about a lot of her childhood. A lot of the things I didn’t even know like how her parents got divorced.

The Life of my Mema

In this interview, I asked my grandmother a series of questions about her childhood and best moments in her life as well as hardships in her life. She also gave advice to listeners.

The Great Listen – Connelly Edition

Latiffany Connelly, born March 5, 1981 is originally from the West side of Chicago and has struggled through being in a sub-par high school, disappointment with her relationships, dealing with young marriage and divorce but has come out on top...

My Nana (the Scicilian One)

I sit down with my Nana (grandma) who is 82, turning 83 in a couple weeks. We talk about her childhood, her job, what it was like when she got a divorce, and how much she loves her family.

“Every event in life is what creates YOU”

The intriguing events in Christopher Kepner’s life that has affected who he is today. Such as his parents divorce and his mother being verbally abusive.