Mom’s Memoir

A summary and recap of the childhood and life of a mother of 5 children

Impact Lab – SF

Steven’s childhood in brief. His path to becoming a teacher... including his relatively brief time working at Apple.

A Conversation With My Grandparents on Life, Love, and Loss

At 83 and 87, my grandparents have experienced so much: marriage, divorce, remarriage (to each other again), the suicide of their son, and now a global pandemic.

My Interview with Grandpa Domas

Jack Clarke(13) talks with Domas Valokititis(73) about life in California.

English Project

We really mainly talked about our own personal troubles and some of the little details about our friendship.

My Hero
September 18, 2018 App Interview

The life of a South Side of Chicago born and raised woman was not easy. Living a little less than ideal childhood and dealing with the death of a sibling and divorce, Diane has proven to be a strong woman...

Irreconcilable Differences – A New Beginning

I am interviewing my husband (soon to be ex-husband) Colin, discussing our time together, our impending divorce and the reasons for it, and what's next for Colin in his life. He speaks openly about his feelings, which is something he...

The Great Listen 2017

Talked about some of the men who helped shape how he developed as a young man and how one of the biggest things he regrets is how he didn’t treat people right including his Ex Wife who he divorced because...

Last day of 4th grade.

We talk about the new house and stuff.

Life lessons from Rebecca Ingals

This interview took place on November 29, 2020 in Salem, MA. I, Raya Young, interviewed my friend Rebecca Ingals who is in her sixties. She talks about growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, meeting her second husband John, and how Covid...

Gaining custody of kids as a single dad and the implications that came with.

Today I interviewed Dan Mann about his experience with divorce as a male. He has the insight that many couples going through divorce should hear as he gained custody of two out of the four children.


interviewing my pottery teacher

How does the world around us shape who we are?

Josey is explaining me to me about her childhood and who has influenced her the most throughout her life so far

Lenore’s Testimony: From Divorce and Drug Abuse to Healing and a Relationship with God

Lenore, a 62-year-old woman originally from the Texas panhandle, shares her experience with divorce and the downward spiral there after. Through this dark time, God saves her and brings her out of the aftermath of her pain and into a...

The Life And Lessons Of Shelly Enyeart

Shelly talks about the differences in the world today and about her childhood, along with the struggles of divorce and raising 3 children on her own.

“No plan is a plan” -Momma Rayton

An in depth conversation with my mom Stacey Rayton about how life was for her and how it turned out to be.

Janet Curlott and the family.

I talk to my grandma about her childhood and her previous marriage.