Lois Romano and Lisa Romano reminisce about her brother, my uncle, Russell Frank Goode, Jr. and his childhood dog.

My mother, Lois Romano (92) and I, Lisa Romano (daughter 63), sat down in my moms kitchen to remember her brother Russell Frank Goode, Jr. (88) who passed away of COVID-19 in January 2021. She reminisced about his childhood dog...

Oral History interview project with Sophia Ortiz

The person that I interviewed was Sophia Ortiz, an 18 year old senior from St Brendan High School. I am a 17 year old senior from St Brendan and she is my friend. Topics discussed were life advice, experiences, and...

When I Met Macaroni

Teresa asks Elena about the first time she met Macaroni and her experience as a dog mom.

What it was like for Monty growing up

My brother monty opens up to me about some of his memories as a child.

The day he rescued his dog.

Austyn describes the day that he rescued his dog Bella. She had just giving birth to puppies and her previous owners left her there.

Daniel Corbin and Jenny Corbin

Jenny Corbin (37) and her husband Daniel Corbin (39) talk about the evolution of their marriage and their family, six years after their first StoryCorps interview, which they recorded the day after their wedding.

Betty Cohen and TC Cowles

Betty Cohen (87) talks with TC Cowles (no birth date given) about her marriage, education, especially her graduate studies, family and her husband's struggle with Parkinson's disease.

The Day We Almost Lost Luci

A brief story of how the grant family almost lost their precious dog Luci

How I got my pets

I talk about how i got my new pets, a dog and 8 chickens, during the quarantine.

Skye the Dog

Skye gives his side of the story on the feud with the squirrels in the back yard

Dog rescue and life advice

Chris (40) explains how she started her own cleaning business. She then talks about her volunteer work with the dog rescue. She shares advice about raising kids and dogs, with some inspiring words for the future. There are twelve dogs...

Soprano on her head

I ask my neighbor about her dog, singing, yoga, and how she found all those things in her life.

Brother’s Interview

He is very grateful for his family. Marcelino loves his dog.

Buying? Or Adopting?

Let's talk about how you think about adopting dogs, or buying dogs. Let's adopt dogs and give them a home and a family.

Kitchen chat

My wife and I meander our way through a ridiculous conversation while she prepares a snack.

Mom and I

My mother’s life as a teen and kid, and moments she remembers in life.

Interview with Dominic Tullio

Dominic talks about his childhood back in ohio and what his life would look like without his thirteen year old dog louis

Sandy & the ravens, Ted Mullin – 9/17/17

Ted Mullin remembers his dog Sandy, and the ravens in Colorado.

Faith Wargo and Maximus Pierce

My dog and her story as a part of my life

Mom and I Interview

My mom, Elena Pappas-Schils is interviewed. We talk about a variety of things like pets, the future, places, etc.