My Interview with Joshua Slocum

He grew up surrounded by the ocean being the oldest of three. Joshua Slocum enjoys Christmas and the summer. He remembers playing baseball and being called “Squashua” and “JJ”. His favorite childhood vacation was going to Disney World with his...

The English Man

This is a recording summarizing the life of my very interesting Uncle.

Victoria’s Immigration Journey

A conversation between a student and Victoria, an immigrant from England. They discuss differences between schools in the United States and England. As well as the struggles that come with immigrating to a whole new country at a young age.

Jane Newman Thanksgiving 2018

The life and career of Jane Newman, the founder of the discipline of account planning in America and founding partner in ad agency, Merkley Newman Herty in NYC. Jane also founded the Thorntree Project in Kenya which successfully educates Nomadic...

My grandma, Nanny

I talked with my grandma, Nanny (Jenny Stuebbe), about her childhood in England and the differences between England and the United States. Nanny also gave this as more background information: I'm Grace Hubbard's Nanny, Nana for short. I was born...

Fafa’s Story

Fafa’s story of her growing up and how she met Uncle Nader

Joan Mickle, reflecting on growing up in Liverpool during WWII.

Joan Mickle was born in Liverpool, England, before WWII and lived there through the war. Later, she moved to the US and now lives in Ross, CA. She has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Dad and Eggs

My Dad talking about post war rationing in England

Interview with Dad

We talked mainly about what life was like for my dad when he was a child and how things shaped him as an adult.

Leeanne discusses identity, relocation, and emigrating to Norway. “When people ask where I’m from, sometimes they mean, why are you black?”

In this interview, Tania interviews Leeanne about growing up between England and the United States, and eventually moving to Norway, as well as the obstacles in moving. Leeanne talks a little about long-distance realtionships. They also discuss how what you...

Mr. Ashby

Interviewing Mr. Ashby for our history final

Sydney Sosa interviews her grandpa about his early life.

Sydney interviews her grandpa about his childhood, family, pervious jobs, and many other things. She is so glad she could have this experience with him to learn more about his life.

StoryCorps Interview – English 9 – Charlotte Niblett

We talked about life experiences and parts of how he lived. Lots of talk about travel and family and schooling and such a mild adventures as well as rally’s and such.

A dabble into the life of Mike Graham

An interview of Michael Graham by PJ O’Grady-Graham in which Mike talks about some of his childhood experiences, his experiences moving from England to America, and some of his memorable work experience.

Susanna Kharatyan and John Smith

[Recorded: Friday November 12th 2021] Susanna Kharatyan and John Smith reflect on their lives, they people who have influenced them the most and the hopes they have for the future.

Anna Talks About Her Life with Gerry

Anna talks about life as an immigrant, musician, mother, and wife.

Narrative Interview Dove Overseas Study

I interview my mom on her challenges faced while going overseas to study in England while attending Michigan State University

Border to border to boarding school

Traveling, boarding school, and even some crazy memories, the many things Jaqui Zerouni and Grace Telegdy discussed in November of 2017. As Grace and Jaqui went into depth about Jaqui’s childhood, as she explains all the amazing differences of living...

Julie Lacy England Interview by Jacob Lacy

Interviewing my mom about her time living in England growing up.

Denis Probst 1

My grandfather, 95-year-old Denis Probst talks about his childhood, and his first wife’s struggles with mental illness.