Ambrea Boucher is interview Grandpa Gary.

Ambrea interviews Grandpa Gary. She asks him about his childhood and joining the military. Grandpa Gary talks about how things were different when he was a child.

The Purple Ring

My grandma shares the story of the time she goes to the Peavine Mountain. She finds a great treasure that became lost.

Sandra Kulli and Chris Pomeroy

Friends Sandra Kulli (72) and Chris Pomeroy (54) discuss the development of their friendship, the organization that brought them together and how to stay connected in a city like Los Angeles.

Galyah Ghajar and her advisor Amanda Rhem talk about the past and present of life.

In this interview conducted in January 2018 in Lynchburg, Virginia, Galyah Ghajar interviews her advisor, Amanda Rhem about her childhood background that consisted in many different areas of the world. She also talks about her past jobs and people who...