Psy Project

We spoke about life in general, life choices regrets sets back and the outcomes through it all .

Melody Chapin and Pauline Katz

Pauline Katz (25) interviews Melody Chapin (25) about growing up poor, moving to a new community, recognizing racial and experiencing social interactions and demographic change as a result of neighborhood gentrification, and grappling with the fear of a loss of...

EN16 P4 Interview

We talked about my father's family, his childhood, and of the family we have right now


My dad and I talk about politics, his teenage years, the military, regrets, and a Chevy nova...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The words of a son of a Vietnam Veteran.

January 1, 2018 App Interview

My sister Mitzy talks about life, love and family.

La historia de inmigración de mi mamá.

Entreviste a mi mamá quien vino de Ecuador en el año 1989. Hablamos de porque vino a los Estados Unidos y que opina de inmigración.


I asked my mom questions

My Interview

I interviewed my Mom about her life as a child, wife, and mother.

My grandfather of electricity

My grandfather goes over his time working for the electricity company.

Storytelling Assignment

Interview about my dad’s life and how he feels.

2nd hour World History story corps

The story corps project for World History. This is a interview between me and my grandmother regarding her personal life.

Gabriela Solis interviews her mother, Christine Solis, about her experiences as a woman

In this interview, Gabriela Solis (21) talks with Christine Solis (65) about what it was like to grow up as a woman. As her childhood and early teen years were in the 60s and her adult life started in the...