Melody Chapin and Pauline Katz

Pauline Katz (25) interviews Melody Chapin (25) about growing up poor, moving to a new community, recognizing racial and experiencing social interactions and demographic change as a result of neighborhood gentrification, and grappling with the fear of a loss of...

Growing Up with Anthony Duldulao

In this interview, I talk with my father about his childhood, going to college alone, as well as advice he wants me to apply to my life.

Recording – 08-18-2023 15:19:24
August 18, 2023 App Interview

My partner talked about his family and about Mexico what he went through.

Giovanna and Pedro

Giovanna Pierri (16) interviews her father Pedro Pierri. He describes his experience of the 9/11 events and its impact.

My Father’s Story

Basic summary of Zachary Miles and his entire life

Part 1/2 of my papa and i

Introducing my papa and talking about our past memories as individuals and as a family.

The Past Flash
October 12, 2015 App Interview

My beautiful "niece" "cousin" "daughter", is coming in to teenage and high School

My Mother’s Life

Jenny Leung, a mother of two, is interviewed by her daughter, Mingwai Lin. In this interview, she shares what she went through as a child and how it shaped her character. Through her experiences and her perspective, she shares the...

Brandi Chastain and Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith interviews his mom, Brandi chastain, about her life growing up and her challenges while playing for the US National Women’s soccer team.

Impact of different environments on Identity in the LGBTQ community

Students from SUNY Geneseo, Valeria Espinosa and Kaitlyn McNeil talk about growing up in different homes and having different experiences. Individuals elaborate on how growing impacted their identity as being part of the LGBTQ community.

Suzanne Moore
November 25, 2017 App Interview

The wonderful parts of life, family, and children, as well as the importance of communication and human connection.

Thanksgiving Interview Project

We talked about her childhood, memories and some life lessons. She also gave some advices about family.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother and I talked about her childhood and the holiday season.


Maria Pizarro tells about her childhood and immigration from Ecuador to the United States. She’s grateful for the family God gave her and wishes the best for her children and future generations to come.

The Great Thanksgiving Lesson

This interview is a Cuban interview. I love my grandma and this brought us closer. I asked her questions about our family and about her, that I never knew before. I loved this assignment and I’m sure that future students...

Donald Ray Hall jr interview

A collection of stories and thoughts from my grandfather about his life and upbringing.

Talking with mom

talking with my mom about her favorite memories.