interviewing my mother

I asked her about family and what were her some of her greatest times

A Talk With Mumzy pt.2

We spoke about her childhood and some memories she has. We also talked about her memories from my childhood and what she wants for me in the future.

Interview with Jose Lazo

This is my interview with my dad for my English class.

Interview for School

How he thought things good and bad helped shape him onto what he is today and how he’d want to be remembered

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The Great Thanksgiving Interview allows family members to connect.

Colin Mulcahy talks to his father Scott Mulcahy about growing up in Dearborn, Michigan and family.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Colin Mulcahy interviews his father, Scott Mulcahy. Scott shares about his early life in Dearborn, Michigan. He credits his parents for how close his siblings are today. This is...

Grandma Hoa

interviewing grandma about her life and personal topics

Navy Brat

Granddaughter (Conner Waldrop) interviews Grandma (Ruth Roberson)

Gmaw Freed’s interview

We talked about my Grandfather, and her family and grandparents mostly.

Capstone interview

In this interview my Mother and I discover many untold stories that neither of us have ever discussed with each other until today. Her stories that she told me opened my eyes to see that we are kinda of alike...

Interview with MauiBoy

I interview my father, MauiBoy, about his life back in Hawai’i, coming to the mainland, and raising a family.

Jordan Aplon and Kenneth Aplon

My Dad told me about his family growing up and how he wished we were raised differently. Then he asked me things he wanted to know about me.

My Interview with Jim Nicholas

Jim and I talked about his childhood, along with people who influenced him through his life. We also talked about his experiences being a father and learning how to be a good one. I asked him questions about his time...