Interview with Poppop (Jack Safirstein)

I learned more about my grandfather, Jack Safirstein’s life. I also learned more about my uncle EJ, who passed when I was very young.

STORYCORP History Final

An interview between Shaylene Diaz(15) and Connie Smith(69) for my World History winter final.

Historian Project

Talking with my 97 year old great grandmother about her experiences throughout her life.

Brothers Robert and Richard Jacobs talk about their childhoods in the 1930s and 40s, and their parents, Edna & Earl "Mr. Wonderful" Jacobs.

Cindy Jacobs interviews her father and her uncle, brothers Richard and Robert Jacobs, about their parents Edna and Earl Jacobs, who launched and solidified a loving extended family despite their own horrific childhoods in the early 20th century. Earl and...

Pierson and Dad

4th grader Pierson interviews his Dad about his history in Cutchogue. We hear about both his Mom and Dad’ family ties to the North Fork.

The story of my family’s migration to UAE.

In this interview, we talked about how our families migrated to the UAE.

Recording – 12-19-2023 22:50:36

History interview between Zeal Hollingsead, and Dustin Hollingsead. Zeal asks questions of Dustin with regard to his past career choices, impactful moments in life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my grandpa who is 68 and me(Garrett Bailey) who is 13 years old.

Interview with my dad
November 28, 2022 App Interview

My name is Jackson Brown and I’m 12 years old. I interviewed my dad, Tim Brown who is 52. We discussed some early family history, his childhood, his work life, how he met and married my mom and some things...

Doretha Shipman and Louie Stoops

Doretha D. Shipman (89) talks with her grandson, Louie Stoops (47), about growing up and farming on the banks of the Buffalo River. Today LS works for the NPS at Buffalo River.

Talking with Grandpa about family history

Throughout this interview, I spoke with my paternal Grandpa about family history. He is in his seventies, and I am fourteen. His name is Malcolm, and I'm Lachlan. We talked about several things, from the family Bible to history.

Veronica Seymour and Marian Atkins

Marian Atkins (65) shares what she knows about her mother's life story with her daughter, Veronica Seymour (35). They discuss how she survived World War II as a child in Japan, what it was like for her to immigrate first...