Talking with Nana

I talked with my Nana about family history.

Grandmothers memories I can cherish throughout my lifetime!

My grandmother Karin and I sat down together to talk and get to know a little more about her and some of the family history I didn’t know. We talked about her life from her childhood through today, along with...

Hanging With Ms. Andrews

Ms. Andrews talks about her family history and growing up.

Lela Jackson and son Charles Jackson talk about love and family.

In this interview I talked to my mom that is 40 years old about our family. We went deep in the history of our family and the last jobs that my late grandfather took place in. Also about my grandmother...

Devine Siblings on Thanksgiving

Conversation with Patrick, Mary, Michael, and Jimmy recorded after Thanksgiving dinner 2016.

Kyra interviews her father Tom and they talk about family history

This interview is private.

Family History: (Maia Nelson)

Sitting down with my mother and discussing our families history.

Whipping it with mom

It is about Family History and immigrating to the United States.

Sean and Matthew with our Nonni
December 31, 2018 App Interview

Nonni’s childhood, difficult and best moments in her life, and advice for future generations.

Gracie ane mom

This interview talks about things I never knew before about my family. I learn how my mom almost got married to someone else and how my family became who we are today.

Bowling Cousins’ Reunion 2017 Reflection Of Descendants Of Clark D & Carrie Bowling

For five generations, the Clark D. and Carrie Bowling families have gathered for family reunions. We documented these interviews to help future generations understand how life was lived in the past and recognize medical issues in the family line. We...

Quickly with Grandma
September 21, 2019 App Interview

Talked with my Grandmother about family and childhood

Family history interview

This interview is about my grand parents’ history and childhood.

Immigration interview

Took me 20 times to record this interview without laughing or yelling at my family to be serious, it turned out horrible but it was the best I could get, this is a recorded interview of my family and me...