Sean and Matthew with our Nonni
December 31, 2018 App Interview

Nonni’s childhood, difficult and best moments in her life, and advice for future generations.

Arnold interview

We mainly talked about my family’s heritage/ occupations and my dad’s childhood, but we also talked about how he met my mom and where they spent their honeymoon.

Thanksgiving listen with my mom

First we talked about my mom’s history class back in the day and related it to mine today. Then we went into our family history and thanksgiving. We also talked about some important events in the Past and what she...

Lela Jackson and son Charles Jackson talk about love and family.

In this interview I talked to my mom that is 40 years old about our family. We went deep in the history of our family and the last jobs that my late grandfather took place in. Also about my grandmother...

Momma Linda’s experience

I never really got into depth of my family and this interview help with me understand the struggles that occur in my family today. Hearing the stories I didn’t know and being more educated on my family’s lives has helped...

Grandpa Berg

Life in Iowa starting from the dust bowl era, Berg family history

Bob Kudrick – Sharing Stories Project

Bob Kudrick tells about his family history and childhood, and shares some useful words of wisdom.

Oral storytelling

We talked about family history and the parents and grandparents

Interview for Family History

My grandparents explaining there family history to me

Oral history presentation

I interviewed my dad about our family history and immigration.

Family History

A discussion with my father about our family history and some important figures in our family

Interview With My Mom

We talked about my mom’s family heritage, her history, and asked some interesting questions.

Interview W/ Grandmother

My grandmother and I talked about her as a child and her parents, along with her being a parent and having a child. We talked about her memories throughout her life.

Stories with Jerry Block

Jerry tells stories about his mother’s siblings and his experience being in a TV commercial while riding a NY cab