Work ethic serves family well.
November 30, 2017 App Interview

My grandfather shared his childhood on the farm, and the impact it had on his life. He also mentioned his career as a teacher and his military service.

German Prisoners of War Working on Farms in Upstate New York

Following the end of World War II, some German Prisoners of War were kept in Ithaca, New York. Buses would bring them to nearby farms where the were fed and worked in the fields.

Malachi Curtis and Justin Daniel- Agricultural Interview

Interview based on agricultural and food history in North Carolina for the HI 360 class at NCSU.

Me and my Great-grandma

I interview my great-grandmother, Darlene, about what her life was like growing up on a farm.

Interview with Dad

We were given a number of questions we could have asked. I picked a few questions from each section.

Farm Life

The two people in the interview are Presley Panaro and Mary Jane Arrington, Mary Jane is Presley's grandmother. The interview took place at Mary Jane's House and Presley age is 14. Working on a farm is long, hard work but...

Allison Gallardo and her step-grandfather Rafael Jimenez talk about growing up in the Dominican Republic

In this interview, made on November 5th, 2018 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Allison Gallardo (15) interviews her step-mother's father, Rafael Jimenez (56). Together they talked about his childhood in the Dominican Republic; how his childhood was normal, how their school system...

The life of Grampa Bachmann

We talked about everything with my grandpa. We asked his things about the past and present.


This was a discussion between me and my grandfather about his life and farming.

Grade Reclamation with Memaw

Talking with my Grandma about her long life full of experience.

Changes to Agriculture and Farming

I interviewed my grandpa, Lowell Dorn, who has worked on a farm since a young age. He has a wide range of experiences and knowledge in farming and agriculture, including electricity, technology, banking/loans, and chemical spraying.

Pandemic Interview with Chase

Asked my husband, Chase, who works in Agriculture, questions about how he is affected by the current pandemic.

The Yam Story
November 27, 2017 App Interview

When dad was young, he was walking down the village with his friends, they came by a farm. It was a Yam Farm, there wasn’t much to eat in the village, so they decided to pull out some of the...

Thanksgiving Interview

Me and my dad talked about growing up on his family farm in Michigan.