The Story of Mrs. Kong’s Life

In the interview, Mrs. King shared with us about the years when she was a young adult in China in the 60s. Later, she also reflected on her experience of accommodating to a new life as she move from China...

A Southern Conversation

Paw describes the history of his property and how he came to own and sow his own land.

Passionate about Agriculture

I sat down with my husband to learn about why he is passionate about agriculture, and where he works.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018: A talk with mom

Yumi (51), a mother, talks to her daughter, named Erica (16), about her childhood with relatives that have farming backgrounds, her dating life with movie dates, Fiji honeymoons and raising her moderate and severe intelectually disabled children (including Erica).

The Great Listen— TEX CRAVEN

My grandfather, Tex Craven, passed away when I was only in 1st grade. Even though I never really got a chance to grow a relationship with him, he left behind a legacy. A legacy of amazing stories of his personal...

Eric Fitzgerald and Natasha Skelton

Eric Fitzgerald (59) shares a conversation with mentee Natasha Skelton (39) about the importance of conservation education and being brave enough to jump into the mud.


Discussed several topics relating to past, current, and the future of agriculture.

Thanksgiving Interview

Me and my dad talked about growing up on his family farm in Michigan.

Dad’s Business

My dad and I spoke about how his career’s success is all because of migrants.

Lessons learned: Growing up in a sharecroper’s family.

This is an interview with my stepmother’s mother. We talked about what it was like growing up in a poor sharecropper’s family, and how through hard work and education anyone can achieve a successful happy life.


My mom, Julie Boden, is talking about her time with her grandparents.

Interview with my mother

My mom talks about how she came to take over her family business.

German Prisoners of War Working on Farms in Upstate New York

Following the end of World War II, some German Prisoners of War were kept in Ithaca, New York. Buses would bring them to nearby farms where the were fed and worked in the fields.

Malachi Curtis and Justin Daniel- Agricultural Interview

Interview based on agricultural and food history in North Carolina for the HI 360 class at NCSU.

Work ethic serves family well.
November 30, 2017 App Interview

My grandfather shared his childhood on the farm, and the impact it had on his life. He also mentioned his career as a teacher and his military service.