Emmalyn’s Interesting and Fun Childhood

Audrey borak and her grandma, talk about her grandma’s childhood and what life was like in the 1950’s. They discussed what Emmalyn’s teenage self would do on the weekends for fun. What the normal fashion trends were, and how they...

Lynda Kay and Trysta Herzog

Lynda Kay (57) and her daughter, Trysta Herzog (38), discuss their lifelong journeys as queer women and share how parenting has pushed them to examine different facets of their identity.

Jessica Winowich and Rebekah Tucker

Friends Jessica Winowich (38) and Rebekah Tucker (39) talk about the first time they met, issues around accessibility, Jessica's fashion, and the challenges that come with managing autonomy while living with a physical disability.

Sidney Davis and Dorothy Garza

Dorothy Garza (63) interviews her friend Sidney Davis (75) about how he beat cancer, what it was like being incarcerated for over 30 years, and the ways in which God influences his daily life.

Ruth Lippman and Stefan Friedman

Ruth Lippman (97) speaks with grandson Stefan Friedman (41) about her childhood in the 1920s, creating a family, and advice she has for her great-grandchildren.

November 8, 2017 App Interview

We discuss some question about fashion, such as the mean about fashion.

Talayeh: The Aesthetic

Taleyeh, Keyli and Jalyn are Highschool best friends in their Senior year. They mainly focus on understanding Taleyas passion for the Arts, especially photography. They talk about the internet’s impact on style and language.

Oral History Project 1960s

This interview was with my grandparents about the 1960s and their experiences. They were both going through high school and college until graduation in 1968 and then got married in 1969.

Advancing the Culture

Elton Louie talks about his journey in the realm of fashion, design, and more. In this episode, the Santa Ana-based creative goes in depth into what it means to create and gives advice to those looking to follow a similar...

80’s to the 00’s

The difference in schooling and all sorts of things between the time of the 80’s and the 2000’s. We cover topics from transportation to fashion.

A fashion designer’s take: digital media in the fashion industry

How the shift towards digital media is shaping, influencing, and altering the fashion industry.


Regardless of what most men think, wearing a tux each other month isn't the summit of style. A remarkable opposite, embracing a way of life of style involves trendy fashion choices with best online fashion shops consistently. From matching the...

Cary Interview

Cary and I sit down and have a conversation about his personal style.

Creativity for a Lifetime: Interview with my Grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandmother Georgiann Eckheart, about her life as a mother and grandmother and how creativity played a role in her life.

Barbie’s Influence

Azusa Sakamoto, a Japanese-born nail artist and resident of West Hollywood, describes her life as one of the most recognized fans of the Barbie doll. Within her experience, Azusa describes how she began with Barbie, her collection, her perspective on...

Mary fell barkouras

A fashion designer who had 6 kids while managing an elementary school