Emotional memories

In this interview, John Blazy (my grandpa), and I talk about his past, present and future outlook on his life, through the positive and negative. Throughout his life he witnessed his father die, and his own sister. He looked up...

Father daughter conversation.
February 24, 2020 App Interview

The third times a charm so me and my dad sit down once again to have the same conversation!

Interview with Rosa(step-mom)

We talked about important people in her life, and of how she qould like to be remembered.

What does the virus mean to my father?

Neil B. asks his father, John B. a few questions about how he feels about the pandemic.

My Dad and Me

My dad and I talk about his life alone, with me, and our hopes for the future.

Family Interview

I have a conversation with my mother about some of her life experiences.

Rambling WWII history in China according to Stephen L. Wu

I asked my Dad, age 81 who was the most influential person in his life, and his happiest moment. He is one on 13 children. His father is John CH Wu - whose own dramatic life story is intertwined with...

Interview with Dennis Erdelyi

This interview with my dad talks about his early life. It talks about the good and bad experiences

Robin Hayes

Interview with dad a few days before his hip surgery. Life, love, art.

Mother and Son Relflect on Childhood and the Future That Lies Ahead

Daphne and Henry Carr discuss their favorite memories from childhood, such as moments on the Empire State Building, attending musicals, and listening to cassette tapes in libraries with a future life-partner.

Emmanuel Adebanjo and his dad Isaac Adebanjo talk about the process of Immigration and Change

In this interview, conducted in June 2, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Emmanuel Adebanjo (18) interviews his father Isaac Adebanjo (59) about his journey and lessons learned from Nigeria to America. My dad shares his stories about his childhood, inspirations and...

Father Daughter Talk❣️

Had a nice conversation with my dad on thanksgiving day Im really glad I got to stop and listen to what he had to say

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Grandaddy (Jack Swarthout)

Grandaddy (Jack Swarthout) and I spoke about his experiences throughout his life and how each one has impacted his views and perspectives.

My Father

My father and his life. His influences and experience.

Dylan’s Dad, Christmas 2017, Part 1

Part one of an interview with Dylan Gorman about his father, Bill Gorman. The mike cut out so I had to start a second interview in order to complete all the questions.

Faythe Bomba and her grandfather Jose Pimentel talk about growing up as an immigrant

Jose discusses the importance of family, and what it was like growing up in Portugal and the US. He also reflects on his life in recent years, and shares some colorful anecdotes.

My dad and I talking about him

I chose my dad because I feel that I’m not that close with him and that this would maybe help with that. He’s sort of hard to talk to so I tried my best to use questions that he could...

You Don’t Need To Be Smart

Nathan Ho (16) interviews his father, Wen Ho (45), in their living room in EHT, NJ. In this interview, Wen discuses his life growing up in Myanmar. Wen brushes up on his time at school, with his parents, and meeting...