Interview with John Harmon

My dad and I talk about our past and who has influenced him.

An Interview With My Dad

Today I will be interviewing my own father. We are very different but at the end we just got to know each other a little more.

Tell Me a Story

I sit down with my father to talk about his childhood and reflect on his 63 years of life.

Home Sweet Home
November 30, 2017 App Interview

This was a school assignment, but this has turned out as a wonderful experience for me and my mother.

Bob Logan, you are my role model

I wanted to have a conversation with my father-in-law to capture his perspective and his life lessons. And boy did he deliver!

Veronica Sopher and Dennis Garcia

Veronica Sopher (45) and her dad Dennis Garcia [no age given] talk about his experience as a Mexican American growing up on the Highplains and in Kansas.

Aaron Clark and Devon Thomas Lee Julian

One Small Step conversation partners Aaron Clark (27) and Devon Thomas (37), both pastors, discuss faith, issues of identity and abortion.

Interview Dad for (Mr Knott Period 1)

My Fathers life as a child and his experiences coming to the US.

Several Journeys

A son asks his father to share several of his life's stories. They include cave exploration, an intercontinental travel, and a hot air balloon trip.

Interview project

I found something about my dad I did not know before about my dad.

My Fathers Experience with Covid-19

In this interview, Morgan Caldwell age 20 discussed with my father Robert Caldwell age 66 about his experience with the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot was discussed from family relationships to mental health throughout the past year.

Joseph Ernst and Matthew Ernst

We talked about childhood, family heritage, thoughts on Racism, and things to do for fun.

Father of the Year

Today I interviewed my best friend, my father. He is the biggest part of my life and my favorite part of me. He has inspired and helped me become the person I am today. With special guest Arya , my...

StoryCorps Interview

This is an interview with my father Scott Jones. I interviewed my father because he’s a great person and he’s had an interesting life. We talk about his childhood and I ask him various questions.


We talked about advice he had for himself and future generations

Ayden Ruesgen and Shawn Ruesgen

Ayden Ruesgen: 2020-11-06 14:09:13, this is me(Ayden Ruesgen) interviewing my father and asking him about his childhood and what his life is like now.

Uncle Lamar & I

I interviewed my uncle about several things. Things such as how he met the love of his life, how he grew up as a child, and how he felt when he found out he was gonna be a father.

My conversation with my father

We talked about many different things in my dads life like life decisions and his proudest moments.

My Father, December 2019

We had to do this interview for school, and I dont regret it. Just a simple chat with my Dad.

Mora Vittum & Bernice Man

Growing up in NYC has had a big influence on my mother. Her experiences have made her who she is, and shaped her perspective on life. This has made up my childhood, and will continue to effect and influence who...

My Father: Growing Up During the Cold War
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Birmingham, AL, Alison Levine (16) interviews her father, Adam Levine, about growing up during the Cold War. He discusses the effects the war had on him and others. He also details specific...