Father Son Interview

Father, son interview about his experience coming to the US and about his childhood.

Story Corps Activity History 2022

We talked about generic subjects such as regrets and childhood.


What we talked about was how growing up to do good things in life will have a good impact on you in the future

9/11 Reflections with my Dad

I interviewed my dad about his recollection of 9/11 and how it has impacted his life and the lives around him.

My Dad’s life

We talked about who he missed and it touched my heart. His happiest moment of me touched my heart too. I learned so much I didn’t know about his childhood and especially his occupations.

My fathers past and my future

I interviewed my father and discussed with him on things we’ve been through, his past and my future. How he grew up and his childhood. The interview was recorded on 11/27/2020

Dad about Sara pt. 1

I asked my dad questions about my sister, Sara. I will be giving Sara this for her 34th birthday.

Dad about Sara pt. 2

I asked my dad questions about my sister, Sara. I will be giving Sara this for her 34th birthday.

Interview with Dad about Coming to America

Talked to my father about his journey of being born in India and immigrating to America, filled with humorous accounts and memories.

More or Less, My Bestfriend

Interviewed on November 25th, 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Chris Garofalo and his father, Philp Garofalo, sit down to discuss Philip’s childhood and how he has grown to become the man he is today. Centered around being born in...

Talking About Loved One’s

Talking with my Grandmother about our family, specifically her children and husband. Reflecting on the family she’s built today, and words for future generations.


A quick interview about my dad.

A life well lived

This is a conversation I had with my dad. He is very intelligent and a huge part of my life. I wanted the opportunity to be able to come back an listen to his words. He has made a big...

Story Corp Interview

talked about my fathers life as a child and as he grew up. Where he lived and the happiest and most difficult times in his life.

The best dad in the world

My dad has always try to do whatever he can to provide for us. He is the most hard working person I have ever known


Max and I talked about his family, mostly about his father and grandfather. We discussed their relationships and also his relationships with his friends and their experiences together.

Getting the Juice

My dad, Eugene Travis, tells me about his memories from childhood and his teen years. He tells me about the beginnings of his marriage and gives advice for marriage and family.

How the media has changed from the 1970s to now

Today I decided to ask my dad, Antonio Price about the different types of media. He is 46 years older and I am 19 years old. I asked him about the influence, changes, and his personal feelings about the media...

Dad Looks Back At His Time in the Army

My dad talks to me about being in the Army as a seventeen-year-old.

Aahaan Malik and Ajay Malik

Ajay Malik (47) speaks with his son, Aahaan Malik (18), about his early life growing up as a young boy in India and the difficulties and hardships he endured as he immigrated to the United States. He also discusses how...

A Mother, a Business Owner, and a Life Long Learner

This interview is about the people who have the biggest influences in my mom’s life. Additionally, she shares with me why and how her career has changed over the years.


We talked about Makayla’s childhood, her sexuality, and her relationship with her parents.