Interview with my dad

I talked to my dad about our family travels. I asked for parenting and life advice that ultimately ended with happy tears.


Max and I talked about his family, mostly about his father and grandfather. We discussed their relationships and also his relationships with his friends and their experiences together.

Interview with Dad

A 1 on 1 interview done with my father

Son and Dad Interview

This was an interview with my dad on April 2, 2018.

Ben interview session

Ben session was an amazing time to know his great parents. He has a strong family with nice values.

History Project

My dad talked about his father, my grandfather, from his point of view. He explained what his childhood was like and other impactful moments.

Interview with big akka

I interviewed my cousin about some of the things I didn’t know about her.

Interview with Chris Lavertu

This interview with my stepdad brought up many thoughts about his childhood and his transition through life as a parent. He often times referred to his father, my grandfather, as a important role model in his life and one of...

Dad Looks Back At His Time in the Army

My dad talks to me about being in the Army as a seventeen-year-old.

Lessons Learned

Interviewing Rhoda I got to learn about her experience once she found out her dad was ill on her birthday in L.A. While also learning about how she learned and saw the power of education through assisting her dogs children...

Not every nightmare is for the worst

In 1985, every parent’s nightmare occurred in a little house in Willow Springs, Illinois. Nineteen year old James Gallagher dropped out of his local community college to start a tent company. Now, James is fifty two and just sold his...

Theresa Foley and James Foley

Theresa Foley sits down with her father to learn about his life and experiences.

My Father Gary Hoaglund and myself Casey Hoaglund

Audio cut short due to my microphone cutting out unexpectedly, but I’ll post what I have. Here’s Gary Hoaglund reflecting on his childhood and his memories of that time and me as a child.

The story of how we got here

Speaking with my dad about the experience of immigrating and being an immigrant.

Language arts project

My dads tells me about his life experiences and many funny stories.

Rebecca Lopez and Danny Lopez

Me (Rebecca Lopez) interviewing one of the most important people in my life, my dad Danny Lopez.

Interview with my Dad

I interviewed the only father I knew. He took my mother and uncles in and even decided to adopt my brother and I.