"I'm still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up": Allison Dietrick

Reed Dietrick (16) talks to her mother, Allison Dietrick (48), who shares a story of reclaiming her identity and finding happiness after a lifetime of chasing external validation.

Mom and daughter interview

When were talking about my mom's life when she was a kid.


Taking a deeper look into the mind of someone who is not a feminist

Regina Mitchell and Jean Marie Munson

Regina Mitchell (59) is interviewed by her colleague and friend Jean Munson (33) about her participation in University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ “New Leadership” program. They speak about how the program has changed Regina’s life and how it has helped...

Women’s March of 2017

In November of 2016 considering the political climate at the time, many women had started to speak out on their sexual assualt or rape experiences, and today I speak with my mother on how she felt women are treated in...

Thanksgiving interview

To summarize what we talked about, we talked about how her family was, heartaches, and alps happy times.

A Grandmother’s Reflection

My grandmother, a 73 year old woman shares her experience growing up in Ohio and her career as a female speech pathologist.

Faith Rivera interviewed by Hope Rider on 11/30/2017

An interview with my mom about her life. This interview is full of laughs and some tears near the end.

What it was like at Hillary Clinton’s “victory party” on 11/8/2016

Ella and her mentor/manager Nadia reflect on their experience at Hillary Clinton's "victory party" at the Javits Center on election night 2016, and on what Clinton's loss meant to them as women and coworkers.

Loud Mouth
January 28, 2018 App Interview

A young woman and poet shares her perspective on why it’s important for women to have a voice.

Mrs Smit
December 2, 2017 App Interview

I talked with my best friend mom about stuff she had to overcome

A Modern Woman’s World

What it’s like to be a young woman in 2018. The challenges, veiwpoints, and struggles

Interview with my girlfriend

I interviewed my girlfriend and one of my oldest friends because I wanted to know a little more about her perspective. Devin and I have been friends for over 15 years and have recently begun a romantic relationship. This interview...

"We Were Reunited"

Melina Plummer (16, Grandaughter) and Maureen McCarthy (58, Grandmother) Discuss a multitude of topics. Being a single mother and being the first generation of Women to work full time is tough. Maureen has lived through a lot and has a...

Matthew Hargraves and his Aunt Kathy Schaefer discuss her experiences as a girl and womanhood.

I asked my Aunt Kathy a few questions about what her experience was being a young woman growing up in the 1960’s and what kind of expectations were placed on her. This was a practice interview and it was not...

Diandra Blackwood and Jane Westgate

Friends and coworkers Diandra Blackwood (31) and Jane Westgate (57) discuss their experiences as HIV positive women. They reflect on their battles with overcoming addiction, Jane's experiences as a mother, Diandra’s identity as a trans woman, and their appreciation for...

Evolution of Becoming a Woman

I interviewed my 83 year old grandmother to talk about how she came to be who she is through her life experiences. And we discuss the importance of activism today.