APUSH SEG Interview

An interview with my Grandpa, Jim Conway, about important historical events that have taken course in the United States throughout his life.

The Historical Significance of Fiber Arts pt.2

An interview revealing the predudice within the arts and how women arts has suffered at the hand of elitist preferences. Discussed here is how fibers art is a cultural identity and one that is being swept under the rug.

Eva and her mom

Eva Wang (21) talks with her mother, Zhu Hongying (48) about the memory in her childhood and the reason why a woman need to have a kid.

The Truth Untold – Kimberly Galindo

A story about a young girl living in South Korea who reflects on the depression she went through as a teenager and how it helped her start the journey of searching for her true self.

From East Germany With Love

I interview my mother about her experience raising her younger siblings after her parents were imprisoned by the East German government. This is a story of strength, perseverance, and overcoming extreme adversity while remaining true to her family and herself.


Twanda discusses the stereotypes facing Black women and the importance of empowerment and representation for Black girls and women in the United States.

Interview With Fay Bunnell

Growing up with strong female role models, and keeping people close to the heart.

Betsy Wade JAWS StoryCorps

Betsy Wade Legacy Fund Fellow Lauren McGaughy sits down with Betsy Wade, long-time New York Times editor and columnist, at the 2017 Journalism and Women Symposium in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

APUSH Interview Final

Interviewing my grandma about the changing times for women

Grandma Ruth and Dad

In the car we discussed various topics like prioritizing family over careers, first jobs, and the biggest influences on our lives.

An Interview with Mom

My Mom is Brigitta Woodward, born and raised in Kalrsruhe, Germany, and 59 years young. My parents married in Germany when my mom was 32, and she left her life there to move to upstate New York with my siblings...

A CIA agent falls in love in Cold War Beirut

My grandmother described leaving rural New York for her education and short career in the U.S. Secret Service in Beirut, Lebanon, in the early days of the Cold War, while her sister took a very different path (a convent). There...

Matthew Hargraves and his Aunt Kathy Schaefer discuss her experiences as a girl and womanhood.

I asked my Aunt Kathy a few questions about what her experience was being a young woman growing up in the 1960’s and what kind of expectations were placed on her. This was a practice interview and it was not...

Evolution of Becoming a Woman

I interviewed my 83 year old grandmother to talk about how she came to be who she is through her life experiences. And we discuss the importance of activism today.

Loud Mouth
January 28, 2018 App Interview

A young woman and poet shares her perspective on why it’s important for women to have a voice.

Immigration and women’s struggles

I interviewed my cousin who is a Mexican immigrant and law enforcement officer to gain her view on women's struggles.

Mrs Smit
December 2, 2017 App Interview

I talked with my best friend mom about stuff she had to overcome

Diandra Blackwood and Jane Westgate

Friends and coworkers Diandra Blackwood (31) and Jane Westgate (57) discuss their experiences as HIV positive women. They reflect on their battles with overcoming addiction, Jane's experiences as a mother, Diandra’s identity as a trans woman, and their appreciation for...

Final interview

We talk about her childhood and how was it like in her teenage years.