An Erratic Upbringing

Having a restless childhood and not having the stability of a long time home could crumple the spirits of some people, but not David Beedon. In November of 2017 in Los Angeles, 15-year-old Kyle Beedon interviews his father, David Beedon,...


Local filmmaker Rafeeq Roberts discusses the importance of the Cleveland Public Libraries in his life

Movies and life

In this interview, conducted in November 25th 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Jack O’Connell (16) interviews his family friend and land lord Mark Mckealvy (64) about cinema and raising children. Mr. Mckealvy shares his book idea on raising children on movies...


Jon Forman recalls how he came to study, appreciate, and celebrate film at Case Western Reserve University, and how his appreciation led to a now internationally known FilmFest.

People’s Opinion On Broadcasting

An everyday man says what he thinks about broadcasting and film.

A Talk with Directer Quek

An interview with UTAR senior & now currently a film director about his success on film making.

The impact of morning light on the sailing world
January 24, 2019 App Interview

Roy Disney worked on a movie called Morning Light where they took kids who had never sailed before and trained them for months so they could sail in one of the toughest races in the world of sailing, the transpac....

English Interview

This was an interview with my dad about his opinions on the world and issues. His opinions do not necessarily reflect mine.

A talk with a Filmmaker

An interview with Quek Shio Chuan on film making and technology

A talk with a Taiwanese Film Director

It's an interview about how a film director about his point of view and his pieces of advices to the Broadcasting students in UTAR.

Interviewing with a director

Director Chong's experience is very interesting, we have to learn from him.

Embrace Curiosi-Dee

Interviewer Dee Perry discusses the 42nd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival, exploring it from the points of view of filmmakers, volunteers, and visitors.


WKSU's Director of External Affairs and Communications, Sandra Morgan, said an enthusiastic 'yes' when the Cleveland International Film Festival asked her to join their Board of Trustees. She explains why in a conversation with Dee Perry.

Inside the Mind of Mendoza

Alex Mendoza sits down and talks about his youth, struggles, and ways he copes with being an only child.

Realizing your passion

Rachel Siler interviews Beth Anne DeKeizer about finding her passion and being brave enough to change her career path.

Adelaide Crnko Interview at CIFF42

Addie explains how CIFF changed the way she views the world.

Frank Gravatt: His Views on life and the film industry

My dad and I sit down for 40 minutes discussing why he chose making movies and his views on his life and things going on around him.


Executive Director of Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, Donna Dabbs, describes how the Cleveland International Film Festival inspired her

A “Wanderful” Childhood

An unconventional childhood has interesting stories and tales that entertain people for generations, like the stories of David Beedon. On November 25th, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, Eric Beedon interviews his father David Beedon on his past. His childhood is...