Grammy interview 2017

We talked about last memories and things she has done in her life.

Keep pushing

A heart warming and inspirational interview between a 16 year old boy named kanaan Rogers, and his 80 year old grandma: ms.mcwillis. This interview is about her childhood in Arkansas moving into Chicago.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

What his child hood was like and just about his life experience

The Great Listen 2018

My Grammy and I talked about what her childhood was like. We also talked about what it was like for her growing up.

Growing up

This interview was about my mom childhood through teenage years and what is was like.

Kicking it with mom

I interviewed my mom about being a immigrant and asked her about her past and her experiences.

New friends

Questions I ask my classmate

lessons and stories I want to share with the world

These are a few of the stories that my mother has shared with me when I asked about her childhood, family traditions, and people who have inspired her the most. I feel like after this interview I have gotten to...

Moises interview

Questions I asked my classmate


Interviewed my brother

College Interview

I interviewed my older brother and my sister. I asked them questions about how they feel about me going to college. I apologize for my sisters language.

The most wonderful person in my life

My mother, Celica Salgado, details her life experiences from childhood to adulthood to share how she kept pushing forward through anything that blocks her way to her and her families future.

Asa Jassen talks to his grandma Vicki Johnson about her childhood and growing up

I asked Grandma Vicki questions about my mother, her childhood, and what it was like when she was going to school. She told me about what my mother was like when she was younger, and what she did when she...

The Great Listen

We talked about Michaels life as a young 6 year old.

First year sem interview

First year sem interview with Garrett Cote

Why is Anna Anna?

Gaby interviews sister, Anna, as she constantly laughs through the interview.