Interview with JJ
January 12, 2022 App Interview

We talk about important stuff

“Learn, the next day learn more and on the third day keep learning”

My grandparent Pascual Simpson, 82, said that education is the most important thing a person has. Also said I shouldn't admire him because he lacks one. Let me tell you why he’s wrong. He didn’t finish school, but he became...

Liam talks about the Past, Present, and Future

I interview liam on his views of the future and what he remembers of the past

Interview with my father

We talked about his life and his past. His aspirations for the future. And also the present and what he expects of it.

Life of Sheryl Hamilton

In this interview, my mother and I talk about her most memorable and enjoyable moments in life, along with some of her hardships. It was amazing to learn so much about someone that you see everyday but never think to...

Nick Velezis and his Grandmother, Bonnie McGrath, talk about growing up and living through major historical events.

In this interview, on November 24, 2018, in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Nick Velezis interviews his grandmother, Bonnie McGrath, about her life growing up in Michigan. Nick asked him about his life during the Civil Rights Movement, John F. Kennedy's death,...

Ashlin Steele interview

In this interview I learn more about my moms childhood , her memories of me, and what she wants her future to look like!


Asking some questions to my mom

Camille Miceli interviews her nanny about her life and views.

In this interview, Camille Miceli (16) talked to Faye Ervin (70) who is my grandmother. We interviewed on 11/26/17 in Vestavia Hills, AL and we discussed her life and how things are different from when she grew up. We also...

Todd Mackey and Elizabeth Buckley

Significant others Todd Mackey (39) and Elizabeth Buckley (40) share a conversation about their earliest memories of meeting each other and about coming back into contact later in life. They also talk about their relationship, falling in love during the...

Core Interview

In the interview we talked about college experiences, work life, and what the future may hold for either of us.

Are you ready

4 teenage girls talk about the future

My Mom: From Teaching to Toddler

I started off by asking my mom a series of questions about her life as a teacher, then slowly moved down the timeline all the way to when she was a baby. I finished the interview by asking her some...

My Bestfriend

I interview my best friend about her past and future thoughts.

oral history assignment

we talked about fun experiences in life and future plans

Week 6 Workbook assignment: Alejandro Rivas

Talking 1 on 1 with a Program Assistant at McConnell hall about family, helping others, where he grew up, and what he wants to do in the future

Cesare Beccaria

A candid interview with a Hollywood High senior about her future accomplishment

My Mom’s hopes for me

In this interview I sit down with my mom and ask what she hopes for my future.

Behind The Scene

November 25 2018 in Chicago IL I Interviewed Mary Thomas about her life. Mary Thomas is 61 Years old and this my grandma I am 15 years old. Mary had a good childhood she grown to be an intelligent women....

Interview with Stephanie Valdes

We talked about growing up and plans for the future. We also talked about the people who inspired Stephanie, and got her to where she is today. We also discussed family and how they have an influence on us.

Sister Bonding

Her future and the family situation that has happened over this past year.

Looking Into the Future w/ Scarlett Nystrom

Featured in this interview, Scarlett Nystrom gives us her background and plans for her future.