My Bestfriend

I interview my best friend about her past and future thoughts.

Interview with my father

We talked about his life and his past. His aspirations for the future. And also the present and what he expects of it.

Looking Into the Future w/ Scarlett Nystrom

Featured in this interview, Scarlett Nystrom gives us her background and plans for her future.

Interviewing My dad
December 3, 2019 App Interview

My father speaks of his past with alcohol , and future and past relationships.

Mom Interview

I Casey who is 21 years old interviewed my Mom Sandy who is 48 years old. we discussed how might she give me future advice about my family and how she felt watching me grow up and her overall experiences...

Political Socialization

In this interview, we talked about life growing up and how it affected us gowing into the future. We wanted to know how relationships in high school could, in turn, affect the outcome of who we are and what we...

RedPapa Christmas 2019

It was wholesome and we talked about his past and future

Interviewing My Mother

My name is Adrian Tavarez, age 17. Today I was interviewing my mother who I hold so dear to me.I chose my mother cause I was really curious about her childhood and the emotions she had felt back then.I was...

Interview with Mom

An interview with my very smart mom. :)

Taylor Kepple and her mom talk about her childhood, future, and marriage.

We talked about my moms teenage life and the future. We also talked about her hopes for me and my generation. We talked a lot about her dad, who was my grandpa. They were very close and that was a...

Greta Carter asks her Aunt about herself and her outlook on the country.

This interview took place November 22, 2018 in Vero Beach, Florida. Greta Carter (age 21) interviews her Aunt, Kendall Sharp (age 41), about positive aspects about her life, including what she is most grateful for and proud of. She also...

Recording – 11-20-2023 14:15:14

Mason Totten, Phillip Smithmack. Both of us are 15. We discussed future.

Reflecting on the Past

People reflect on their lives often, however, there are always certain memories that are difficult to relive. On January 8th in her home in Los Angeles, Lucrezia Pignatelli met with her nanny, Mahesh Krishan, aged 46, to discuss his life...

Todd Mackey and Elizabeth Buckley

Significant others Todd Mackey (39) and Elizabeth Buckley (40) share a conversation about their earliest memories of meeting each other and about coming back into contact later in life. They also talk about their relationship, falling in love during the...

History of my Grandpa

Location:216 meadowlark lnwylie tx Thanksgiving day . Noelle Golden interviews Budmond Randall. We discussed life in the military , the importance of family , religion, and politics . The process of growing up , and the future .

Wendy Cluley and Sarah Krauss

Wendy Cluley (40) talks with new friend Sarah Krauss (32) about her family as well as her time at the University of Texas at Austin and the McCombs School of Business. She also talks about what both of those places...

Story corps interview

It’s about Andrew describing his future goals in automotive and what got him to want to do this type of work. Derek age 18 and Andrew age 17

A talk between a son and his mother about her life from childhood to present.

The interview acknowledges the hardships a mother faces in her childhood due to tragedies and the hardships she faced as an immigrant. It also talks about the life she wants for her kids, the life of her children, and what...

Sweet Talk with Dad

This interview was basically talking to my dad about his life and how he has chosen to raise me. It really showed me how lucky I am to have the father I have.


Asking some questions to my mom