Interviewing my dad

He's explaining how he grew up and how his aspects on life has changed.

How my life was like im mexico as a teen

Luis talks about how when he was young there were alot of gangs and religion helped him picked the right way and now has a good life

Mr. Green

Mr. Green is my former 7th grade science teacher and is now my advising counselor for a college prep program called Upward Bound. Growing up he faced challenges and preserved to get to where he is today. He has been...

Police Harassment Due to Gangs/Gang Violence and surviving such an environment without joining one

In this interview, we discussed Justin Garrett’s experience growing up into a very hostile environment. Also, we discussed how you can prevail from any kind of circumstances.

Will & Dom: From College to Co-worker

We went to college together, but barely spoke. 8 years later we're coworkers and we're growing a friendship!

Alvin Tull and Gail Blumberg

Gail Blumberg (54) interviews Alvin Tull (55) about his experiences growing up involved in gangs and graffiti in Philadelphia, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, and participating in the "Back On My Feet" running program as part of getting clean...

Xavier McElrath-Bey and James Dold

Xavier McElrath-Bey (43) and James Dold (36) reflect on their childhood and the people that helped them become the men they are today.

An Irish in Little Italy

I sat down to talk with my grandmother about our family and some stories about interactions with the mafia.

The Numbers Racket in our Apartment

My dad remembers his mother. There are some comments he makes that are offensive, but he says he is a product of his time. I however apologize if someone takes offense. From a cultural perspective, it does clearly show a...