In depth interview of a piece of my grandma’s mind

We talked about her experiences in life and a lot about God

The Acceptance of Jesus Christ

My grandmother and I talked about her story and her acceptance of Jesus Christ as her savior. Growing up she never really was religious however she had an experience where she started to believe in Jesus Christ. Her religion means...

Noah’s interview

Noah Baughman interviews his four grandparents, Gail Van Roy, Howard Van Roy, Terry Baughman, and Trisha Baughman. Noah's grandparents tell him about what impacted their lives and some key moments in their lives.

Church assignment pt. 1

I learned abou how my grandpa (Frank Lahde) felt about god

Blast from the past with Uncle Birdie

I call my uncle and ask him some quest about his childhood which happened more than 65 years ago.

Caroline Huckaby interviews her mother Ana Maria about her childhood and faith.
December 11, 2018 App Interview

Interview done on December 4th,2018 in Chicago,IL. Ana Maria (54)talks about her spirituality a lot and the influence it’s had on her life. She shares stories that truly make you think about lifes experiences. She also, briefly talks about her...

Week 3 interview with Sal

I interviewed my brother Sal Urrutia,47 from Charlotte NC. We discussed his personal life and experiences.


It was fun and amazing

Ethnographic Exercise #2 part 1

Victoria and I discussed how religion has impacted her life and her family relationships. We also discussed the process of her finding the right church for her. The interview took place in Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA.

Interview about spirituality
August 28, 2022 App Interview

Elena (18) asked Jim (76) about a profound spiritual experience he has had within his life and also about his idea of who or what God truly is.

Young Erangey

Young Erangey, my grandma, has always kept her faith in God. She discusses her love for her parents and how it was like falling in love in Korea. She also talks about her two daughters and the hopes she has...

APUSH Service Learning Project

In this interview we talked to Zulma Rodriguez, a Salvadorian that came to the U.S. and has had a very different life than she expected.

The Incredible Life of Sydney Blum

My sister Sydney talks about her struggles and positive moments in her childhood along with family and religion.

Life lessons 11/26/18

We talk of her past experiences and hopes for her children’s future.

Papaw aka John Mosier The Great Thanksgiving Listen

He feels very blessed by God for all of the things he has. He loves his family very much.

Grandma G and Me

Grandma G and I look back at stories, struggles, relationships, and memories from her good life.

My Story

A quick peek of Fernando’s family life, beliefs, and how they shaped his life

The life of Taylor Overstreet

Life advice from a biblical perspective. What does god look?

Similarities between the United States and Chinese culture.

My name is Matthew Beussman and in this interview I talk with Wei Li who is 50 years old. In this interview, we talked about our cultures and more specifically about our childhood, schooling, different characteristics about our cultures, and...