Nana interview 2020

Interview with my Nana on August 15th on the Oregon Coast.

Bonnie Mccombs

An interview with my wonderful grandma, Bonnie

Story Corp (Natha Ostby) pt. 2

A story of how my grandparents meet and my grandmas child hood.

Interviewing my Grammy

I interviewed my grandma for a school project. We talked a lot about her early childhood and I learned a lot about her time.

Ryleigh Stewart and Grandma

This interview focuses on interesting events in my grandma's life. It talks about dangerous things, gross things, her favorite grade and funniest moment with her siblings.

Service learning interview with my grandma

An interview with my grandma learning about her life. Filled with traveling, past memories, and advice for the future.

Grandma Burt

Interview with my grandma

In The Eyes Of My Grandma

In this interview I was talking to my Grandma about her childhood up to now.

Miz Amy Thompson Remembered

Crystal Thompson remembering her grandma, Amy Thompson, also known as Miz Amy

Theresa Kilgore and her grandma Ann-Eda Blache talk about her life and their family legacy

In this interview, held in April 2018 in Orange, CA, Theresa Kilgore (23) interviews her grandma Ann-Eda Blache (82) about her life, their family, and her inspirations. The interview takes place in Ann-Eda’s home, which is two houses away from...

Culture Shock

An interesting conversation between a granddaughter and her amazing grandmother.

Interview with my grandma

Me and my grandma talked about how she grew up we talked about her parents and how she came to this country.

Interview with Mom

I talked with my mom about what she was most proud of what her goals were and how she had accomplished them.

Grandma’s Life in 40ish Minutes – Kathleen & Noa Stoll

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oregon, Noa Stoll (16) interviews her grandma Kathleen Stoll (79) about her childhood, life as a mother, and other in depth details about her life. Kathleen shares stories about her husband, children,...

Grace interviews her Grandma about her life
December 2, 2019 App Interview

This interview told the story of my grandma and her young life and present life. The interview talks about the struggles of the great the depression and the life of someone who grew up in it. The interview also talks...

Donna LaStella and Lexi Frankhouse

Donna LaStella (65) and Lexi Frankhouse (18) talk about Donna's life and have a good heartfelt conversation.

“When one door closes, another opens…" (Alexander Graham Bell). My Grandma never looked regretfully upon the closed door.

Clay Campbell (31) talks with his grandmother, Charmian Waggaman (89) about her life growing up in DC in the 1940s, meeting the love of her life Thomas Waggaman, raising three kids, and sharing loving words to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.