Interview with grandma

Interviewed my grandma about her life.

Information about the Reed family

Talked to Marie Reed about her life and her family.

Interview with Grandma

For my PSY 230 class, I interviewed my 71 year old grandma Rosalina Góngora. We talked about her life, her proudest moments, how her life is different from the life she imagined and how she’d like to be remembered.

A conversation with my grandmother

She talks about her past and her family and then she addresses this story I’ve been waiting to hear for weeks.

Remembering Grandma Starkey

This interview is centered around memories of a kind grandmother in Ohio and her affect on her granddaughter and future generations.

Olivia Trevino and her grandfather, Rick Trevino Sr. talks about the love of his life.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Austin, Texas, Olivia Trevino interviews her grandfather, Rick Trevino Sr. about the love is his wife, Olivia's grandmother. He shares stories about how they met and their journey through all these...

Interview with barbera

Talking to my grandma about stuff I’ve never asked.

Family interview with Mother

Asking questions about childhood, relationships, grandparents, parents, siblings, jobs, marriage, and more

Grandma’s childhood

Julia Kuykendall talks about her childhood and how she loved to play outside with her siblings. She loved talking about school and she always wanted to be a school teacher but ended up getting married.

Interview with Ellen Haskins

This is an interview of Ellen Haskins by her granddaughter Kylie on June 30, 2018

My Lita Interview

I’m on the far left, my mom on second far left, my grandma (lita) right in the center and my nana on the right.

Riding on the Tandem with Grandma

Tyler days that his best childhood memory is riding on the tandem with Grandma and getting McDonald’s pancake platter.

El Abuelo Con Cabello Blanco

In this interview conducted, In April 2018 In Santa Ana California, Perla Lozano interviews her grandfather Jose Rocha. My grandpa and I talked about how he felt when I was born since I was his very first granddaughter, how his...

Interview with my grandma

It was a great experience where I got to learn so much more about my grandmas life, family, and childhood. I even got to learn some things about myself I didn’t even know. Certainly a beautiful experience that I will...

Grandmas Story

My 86 year old grandma was adopted when she was an infant, and she never knew her real family. This is my sister tell you how we found them


The life of ling Hilton

Mima and Teddy

Thanksgiving vacation interview with my Grandma!

Jade & Priscilla

Me & grandma talked about her life & the things she has been through