Grade reclamation activity

Interview of my grandma’s past life in America and her family life. She also describes her legacy and how she wants to be remembered.

Elder interview

My gramma and I talk about her her life and gives me advice.

Story corps Assignment

We talked about memories and life

Nana’s Story

A talk between me and my Nana about her life.

Holiday Traditions and Generational wisdom

My grandma and I talk about some favorite family traditions, stories, and wisdom, and the mark she hopes to leave on our family

Interviewing Ines Muñoz

In this interview we talked a little about how my grandmas life was before and how her childhood was

I didnt have a choice last min interview

I was going to do it on Thursday but alot was going on

Thanksgiving Extra Credit

Extra credit assignment interviewing the elders of the family.

Stories from Bunny

Emily Steiner interviews her grandma, Bunny, in Plano, TX.

My grandmas life EddyUS2018

I asked my grandma a lot of questions and we had some laughs here and there I ended up learning more about her than I thought

My grandma
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Yeah my grandma doesnt know english but we basicly talked about her as a kid, and some of her memories.

Interview With Grandma Toby

talking to my grandma and learning stories about her life

A talk with nana

I’m this interview with my grandma on my fathers side, Nana talks about her years in Missouri with her tough family and how she raised strong and loving men. She speaks of her days in Missouri with her mother and...

Interview with my Maman Shamsy

A conversation and questions with my Persian grandmother on my fathers side. She’s a lovely kind lady.