Storycorps Interview

A interview with my grandmother, Marianne, on November 26th, 2018


A talk with my dad about my grandma who passed when he was fifteen.


Interview with my grandmother, age 81

Interview with Michelle Fluellen

The story of my mom moving from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands to Atlanta, Georgia.

Aidan Matthews (15) interviews his grandfather, Robert Jenkins (76).

Aidan Matthews (15) interviews his grandfather, Robert Jenkins (76), in November 2017 about his greatest memories growing up in West Orange, being in the Navy, becoming the mayor of Wall Township, and his later years in the Health Care Intelligence...

The Interview

Interview with spanish speaking grandmother


Listening to my grandmas stories and hearing her views on life and family.

Interview with Jasmine Villagrand (grandmother) by Ethan San Miguel

We talked about her life as a young child through to being a adult, like activities and family members. We also talked about life lessons she learned and how they passed on to me.

Gran at Thanksgiving 2017

Being a mother, what she wants grandkids to know. Life with Grandad. Faith.

interview with my grandma

How her life was while growing up. advice she would give me for future references

Thanksgiving Interview with My Nana

In this interview I ask my Nana questions about important events throughout her life.

Grandma Lisa and Victor (grandson)

We talked about her childhood and expanded through the rest of her life.

Interview with my Grandma

I interview my grandma on my Mother's side on Christmas day. She talks about her early life, politics, and husband.

Jordan Aucompaugh and his Grandma Betty Rose talk about growing up in her childhood

We talk about how her childhood was and about her parents and family. We also talked about traditions we’ve had through the years.

#TheGreatListen with Landen Nealy

Who my grandmother will always remember and important life lessons she has learned

Mi abuelita querida Margarita C. Quezada

This was a very great time talking with my grandma and I really hope I can get to make another interview in the future. :)

Saundra Gore

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Saundra Gore and granddaughters at Shelly ‘s house.