Grandmas life

How my grandmother has dealt with life amongst the years

Interview with my grandma

Asking my grandma questions about her life

Helen Barr: From A Sharecroppers Daughter… Modern Day Superhero.

This was about my grandmothers life as the daughter of a sharecropper, and the advice she has for her family generations to come.

Interview with my Grandma

My grandmother, Elizabeth Biss-Minerva was born in 1923 in Penn, Pennsylvania, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. She was born to an Irish-American mother and a first generation Czechoslovakian-American father. She married my grandfather, a first...

Grandmas life

My great grandmother who is 88 years old telling me her favorite memories!

An interview with my father

In this interview my dad and I talk about god and my grandmother.

Story Corps Oral History

i interview my grandmother on how her life was

Me and My Grandma

I talk with my grandma about her life and what it was it like

Grandma’s Wisdom

Grandmother Hanna Zappa and Granddaughter Faven Hailu recount some favorite memories, challenges, and changes from our lives.

Interviewing grandma
November 29, 2015 App Interview

Interviewing 72 year old grandma Peuse about her childhood, events, and what she hopes for our future.

Matthew Fanguy (17) and Mary Hartenstein

My grandmother tells me about her childhood and early life. She lived in a small house with a lot of people so she has always been surrounded by family. Family ended up playing a major role in her life

Intervieing my grandma

Talked about my grandma’s childhood and family

The Tub and such

Me and my granny talking about how she rembered her bath tub as a child.


We discussed early life, her childhood, how god influenced her life, and how she is content with how her life has laid out.

Stacy ‘s Thanksgiving interview for ms. Cortez

I got to sit down with my grandmother and learn about hher life. It gave a chance to learn more deeply about my roots and where i come from

Interview with Nanny 4/24/2020

We talked about her grandmothers influence over my grandmothers life and the impact of her grandchildren. We also discussed her child hood and what it was like growing up.

A little something about my grandmother.

I am asking my grandmother questions about events that have occurred throughout her life.

Talking with my Grandma

On November 28, 2021 I talked with my grandma on what her life was like. She focused her jobs friends and family. She also told me about one of the best life lessons you can learn. I learned a lot...

My Grandmother’s Jobs — Teacher

In this interview, I asked my grandmother how she got to her job as a teacher and what jons she wanted before. She also explained what the jobs were like, and what her favorite was. At the end, she provided...