Family history interview

Interviewed my grandpa on our Italian ancestry

Grandpa at Christmas
December 9, 2019 App Interview

We had a brief conversation about where he grew up, school and career.

Thanksgiving Listen

My grandpa talks about the hardships of coming to America from communist Poland

Interviewing my Grandpa

Interviewing my grandfather, I ask him about his childhood, his relationship with my grandmother and my mom, and he ends with a word of advice to his great grandchildren.

Big B

An interview with me and my Grandpa

Grampa Swanson

Rob Swanson, at age 70, has a conversation with granddaughter Clara, age 17, remembering some of the best memories in his life.

My Mom’s story

My mom’s story of migrating to the United States from Mexico and explaining the difference between the two and how our lives were growing up without a dad.

Hudson Interviews Poppy

I think it was fun to learn new things about my grandfather. I learned a lot.

Thanksgiving 2018-The Great Listen With My Grandpa

I talk to my grandpa about his life and learn some new information about him.

Big Joe, Little Joe

An interview with Joseph A Vigil about his life. Interviewer is his great grandson Joseph A Vigil V.

My mother Margaret Krueger talks about the key points in her early life growing up in communist Poland

In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Plano Texas, Conrad Krueger interviews his mother about her childhood living in communist Poland. A lot of it was talked about was during the end of the Cold War, which included what...

Radio broadcasting interview

Childhood memories and current memories along with life lessons.

Amara Tariq Interviewing Murad Khan about his Life

It is April 29, 2018, and my grandpa and I are in Northville, MI. My grandpa and I are just taking about life, careers, family, and just growing up and getting through life. My grandpa shares what is was like...


Interview with my grandfather about his life.

Me interviewing my Popo (Mom’s Dad)

My popo was never really that much of a talker but even this little time was amazing to here him speak from the heart

Love, Life, and the Value of Family

I sit down with my grandpa, Dale Morris, age 84, and learn a bit about love, life, and the value of family.

Charlotte & her Poppop, Anthony, talk about family.

In this interview, conducted in January 2020 in Montville, NJ, Charlotte (18) & her Poppop, Anthony (75) talk about his childhood & family. Anthony shares stories of his mother & father, wife, children, & grand children.