History interview

An interview done by my grandpa and I for a history project

Living the dream

Talking about his life. (5:00-8:00)

Talk with Grandpa

I talked with grandpa about his life growing up. He told me many stories.

Thanksgiving interview with grandpa

What he loves to do and how is childhood was with reading my dad aswell

English project

English project interview with grandpa lewis

Interview with my Grandpa

This is my interview with my Grandpa Rick Shiverdecker.

Happy memories

In this interview I learned that my grandpa's grandma had a huge influence on his life and he is a very successful and happy man. He is 71 with no regrets to me that sounds like a pretty good life!

On a Fourteenth

In this interview, conducted in January 2019 in York, Maine, Cary Drake (13) interviews Steve Brice (her Grandfather age 71) about his family, career, and childhood. In this interview Brice talks about how Drake’s mom painted their dog, how singing...

Interview with Paris Stout

Me and Paris talking about the questions i chose

The Great Thanksgiving Listen-Madalyn Motley

Madalyn asks her grandpa who has been in education for 35 years about growing up and working.

Mike horn, mt. St Helen’s

Mike horn was a child when this volcano erupted, he also knew and went camping with one of the people who died.

Michala and her Grandfather, Robert, talk about his life. “Do you remember the first time you met Grandma?”

I chose to interview my grandfather because he has been one of the most influential people in my life. His wisdom and guidance have helped be become who I am today. I aspire to be like him. In this interview...

Arthur John Romero

Interview at Tyler Johnson and Nicholas Ferguson’s house. Talking about child hood and history.

Talk with my Grandpa about stories of his childhood growing up in Brooklyn and his life

In this interview, I (John Lowell Shea) interview my Grandpa (Lowell Renstrom) about his life growing up in Brooklyn, NY, his early work, stories, and eventually his adult life. Sadly, throughout the interview you may notice his hesitation to speak...