Thanksgiving interview with Lorraine Desmarais and her granddaughter Eryn Boissonneau
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This interview took place on November 22, 2018 in Milan, NH. Interviewee Lorraine discusses her childhood growing up in Fall River, MA, her relationship with her mother and father, the death of her father, and her absentee brother’s experience during...

Senior to senior

Grandparents ideas of politics and explain their pasts

Interview with grandpa dan

Who my grandpa loves and some pf his most fun memories of me.

Grandpa’s interview

A recollection of grandpa’s life from the very beginning

Heather Clicks history

This is an interview of me asking my mom different questions about her life and advice from her.

Klein Family History: Bob and Sally Klein Part II

My second recording session with my grandparents, Bob and Sally Klein, discussing their youth, meeting each other, falling in love, their marriage, and starting/raising their family.

Grampa Kenny and Grandma Sandra interview

This was an interview for my finals in honors English, I chose to do my grandparents as they would rember some major events that interest me.

Interviewing My Wife For School

We discussed my wife's family, her work experience, and her thoughts on COVID.