Grandma and Grandpa

In this recording, my grandparents reflected on their childhoods and walks of life.

My grandparents

In this interview I asked my grandparents about their life story and how they came to the US and the struggles they faced when arriving here.

G&G cont.

Continued interview with Bill & Bea

The great listen

I interviewed my mom on her past. She talked about coming to the United States has shifted her view in things.

Baird-Romera Grandparents; Nani

Saving the lives my grandparents for future Generations. This my Grandmother Nani. Wife of Robert Romera (abuelo), mother of Joey, Marylin, Robbie, Jeff, Jason, and Grandmother to 13 Grandchildren.

Reflections by Papa to his granddaughter on his 76th birthday

Today we celebrated Papa’s 76th birthday by having his grandkids (Mei-Kim and Josephine Brown) ask for his reflections.

Hsiu Yu and Brady Morgan interview

Hsiu and Brady talk about memories and goals for future generations

Interview with my grandparents Pam and Tom Ezyk

In this interview I talk with my grandparents to learn more about what their lives were like.

My Grandparents Interview Me!

My grandparents, Deborah and Peter Banfe, interviewed me.

Me and my Mom

Me and my mom talk about her experiences in life and we touch on a big topic surrounding my grandmother

Parents generation

The things that were talked about in this interview were my moms generation and how it changed her

Trustun Lynn and Terry Pennington

I interviewed my grandfather in the cemetery his father Is buried. This was in thanmsgiving

IFR Interview w/ My Grandparents

Interview with my grandparents for IFR. My grandpa has ALS and is at the stage where he can’t talk. In this he uses his computer to communicate.

Memories of Gramma and Grampa on the Occasion of their Birthdays

The AlGals have a conversation about their favorite memories with Grampa Paul and Gramma Sue.

Papa and Prejudice

I interviewed my grandma Paula and my dad Ethan about my grandfather, their move to California, and how he felt about the West Coast.

My Interview for BKTW (Grandpa Orr, Age 80)

Grandpa (Bill Orr), shares some experiences in his life and a couple other questions.

What Does Success Mean To You?

Interviewing my grandparents about their ideas of success and failure, and where these ideas came from.

Fernando soto and his father Carlos soto talk about life before he was a father

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in island park, New York, Fernando soto (16) interviews his father about his life before he was a father. Carlos (52) shares his life and about his parents to. He also talks about...